Author: Somsri S.

How to use Binary Robots for trading allows traders to use custom or commercial robots to trade from their accounts. For Commerical, Trading Robots check their shopping page. For coding the robots by yourself with the visual editor. Below is the link. Editors produce an automatic trading script with .xml format. This for advanced level. But if you don’t know how to

Best Binary Option Trade Signal Indicator

Indicator Used: SFX Multi-Instrument Trend Dashboard Our indicator scans for trade signals for multiple instruments and with multiple indicators including major trend indicators, oscillators, price action patterns with fractals & new intraday high & lows! Works for all type of instruments, Forex, Non-Forex, Commodities, CFDs In the picture above on the dashboard, we used only

Trade Bitcoin With

Yes,now you can trade BTC/USD or Bitcoin on the Spot market with with Meta Trader 5 Platform. Where you can use our premium indicators too for making your trading decisions. Plus Metatrader 5 platform provides varieties of default and custom indicators for a trader to do the advanced level of analysis. You can deposit Directly

How To Deal With Trading Depression

We all know about depression in general sense; most of the people in this world are affected with mental weakness. Some doesn’t even know that they are attacked by the depression devil. Because it stays with us, lives with us that why it’s hard to rectify & differentiate between normal mood off & chronic depression.