Best Binary Option Trade Signal Indicator

Indicator Used: SFX Multi-Instrument Trend Dashboard

Our indicator scans for trade signals for multiple instruments and with multiple indicators including major trend indicators, oscillators, price action patterns with fractals & new intraday high & lows!

Works for all type of instruments, Forex, Non-Forex, Commodities, CFDs

In the picture above on the dashboard, we used only major FX Pairs with the default setup.
Our Indicator for Bollinger Band (Bband) provides 4 types of signals.

  • Bullish / Bearish Signals
  • Bullish / Bearish Breakout Signals (3 arrows, powerful one)

In above case, it was showing a signal for EURCAD, USDCAD, GBPUSD.on minute chart, we took one trade of EURCAD, trading bet time 1-minute fall.

Trade Won!

We choose EURCAD, because, EURCAD has ADX showing good bearish strength, Moving Average Signal(MA) was also showing negative.

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