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How to use Binary Robots for trading allows traders to use custom or commercial robots to trade from their accounts. For Commerical, Trading Robots check their shopping page.

For coding the robots by yourself with the visual editor. Below is the link.

Editors produce an automatic trading script with .xml format. This for advanced level. But if you don’t know how to code XML. Then you can try the visual editor where you can set trading logic, trading instrument, trading time frame block by block according to your choice.

Click on the pictures to view more details. When you will open it will ask your permission for first-time users. Once you approved. You will be redirected to the visual coding dashboard. There you can either load custom preceded robots or you can build your own.

Below is an example of Moving Average Robot with volatility index. But you can change its instrument type, trading bet time from the coding dashboard after loading it.
Download Here | Originally Taken from Github.

How to use Binary Robots for tradingHow to use Binary Robots for trading

After loading the robot you need to select account either virtual (Recommended) or Real then click on Play button. Then you will see trades are taking automatically with that logic, if you think you have taken too much trades or too many losses 😉 then click on the stop button to stop the robot.
It is always advised to test the strategy on demo before applying it on your real account.

Will this robot continue after the user logs out? Does it require VPS?

Company Side reply,
Yes. Since the trade executed through API token of the client, the trade will still continue till the client account has balance in it. So, no need to think about client login in or log out. If the client provokes access, then the trade will get stopped.No VPS Required.

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