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Binary Options Digit Matching Winning Strategy

What is Lucky 10 Digit or Digit Match Trading in Binary Option?
The trader needs to pick any instrument (mostly the volatility Index) then need to choose any number between 0-9 for instrument last digit prediction. There are two types of options either your prediction matches or it differs.

  • Matches provide 800% Returns on your investments.
  • Differs provides 10% returns on your investments. Means if you choose 6 for different type of trade, that means you are betting that if the last digit does not come 6, then you will receive 10%.

This is basically the gambling section. I don’t consider it as real trading either recommend it. But still, for fun money, you can try it!

In order to start trading Lucky 10 Digits find it in “Start Trading” > “Random” > “Digits” >“Matches”

Binary Options Digit Matching Winning Strategy
The main Indicator to use with this type of trading is the Last Digit Stats
In this section, you can select a number of ticks for getting the statistical data of 0-9 numbers.
It will show many times those number occurred as the last digit with that selected tick period.
Strategy for Digit Matching:
For Trading Matches, you need to pick those number which occurred maximum time on last 25 ticks & also in last 100 ticks.
For example, if for 25 ticks 0 came out 12% and for 100 ticks 15%. Then you have 12-15% chances to win the digit matching trade with “0”. You need to your money management based on that.
Strategy for Digit Differs:
This is exactly the opposite of what digit matching does & also it has the highest probability of winning but lower return.
Just think reversal, if you pick 0 from the previous example, then a chance of occurring 0 is only 12-15%, that means if you pick 0 for digit differ, you will have 85% chances to win.  In case I will prefer to check the stat for 1000 ticks also.
Money Management:
This is the tricky part. For Digit matching with 15% winning rate & 800% return, you if you bet with 0.50 cent 10 times, that means you will lose $4.5 total & earn $4 on one winning rate.
That means you will lose 0.50 cent anyway even after 10 trades with 90% winning rate. If you become lucky & win 2 times out of 10. Then you will earn $4 after 10 trades.
For Digit differ, if you win 90% of the time for 10 trades with 0.50 cent per trade bet, then you will earn 0.45 cent. & for one losing trade you will lose 0.50 cent, net income negative.
But if you are lucky enough to make 10 out of 10 winning trades, then you will earn 0.50 cent out of it. Being very honest here.
One Common Rule for Gambling: Never trade too much, if you trade 3 times and earned 10% total 30% on your investment. That’s it stop trading, try next day.

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