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Binary Options Simple Tick Chart Trading Strategy

binary tick trade strategy Tick trades is the fastest way of making money. But yet most risky, sort of gambling as it happens very fast.

Simple Strategy With Price Action:
This one I developed in this year. I tested it 100 times & it has a good strike rate. It doesn’t require any indicators only the basic price actions.

There are varieties types of reversal candlesticks patterns & wave patterns. For this kind of trading, you need to have a good knowledge on such.

  • Time Frame used: Minute chart.
  • Instrument: All types of instrument. Only avoid slow market time.
  • Strategy: You need to look for either Reversal Candlestick Patterns or Trend Continuation Candlestick Patterns. Also, you need to look for Wave patterns as follows:
Higher Highs & Higher Lows = Bullish Trend | BUY or Rise
Lower Lows & Lower Highs = Bearish Trend | SELL or Fall

Trade Timing: You need to place trade exactly at the start of the minute bar. Do not make too much delay.

Trade Example:

  • Trading Type: Tick Trade
  • Trading Instrument: Volatility Index 10
  • Trading Duration: 5 Tick (Minimum tick size)
  • Chart used: 1 Minute
  • Indicator Used: None, Basic price action

In this example above, it formed a “Falling Three Method” Candlestick Pattern on a bearish trend. So enter sell instantly without any delay on the start of the next minute bar and won the position.

falling three candlestick pattern

With such pattern, there was a 71% chance that trend will continue and it did. There are more other types of candlestick patterns are available which you can use to trade either reversal or for trend continuation.

Important Note: Remember not just forming any candlestick pattern is alone important. You need to see those candlestick pattern forming in the right direction. Then you can expect a good trade. For example in above case, bearish continuation candlestick pattern formed on the bearish downtrend. That’s why it is valid.

There is a HEDGING possibility available here. Because just look at the return rate its always above 100%. So if you place two trades on opposite direction simultaneously then you will have a profit for hedging.If 1st order gives 110% return & 2nd order gives 120% return. You lose 1st one then you will still have 20% profit. But remember broker doesn’t allow to place two trades on same time, you will get 1 – 2 sec delay for placing next order.

Money Management:
In you can place a bet with 0.50 cent, by selecting $1 at stake. It’s good to start low. Never risk much. Risk only 3-5% of your total capital. Not more than that.

Word of Caution on Over Trading: One common pitfall for binary tick trade is they trade out of their limit. Over excessive trades can cause your account get destroyed in 30 minutes. I can give 100% guaranty on that. But if you follow the rules below then you can grow your account in the long run:

  • After 2 consecutive losses, stop trading, take a break.
  • Do not trade same pair or instrument one after another. Have a diversity.
  • Do not trade in slow market timing. If you do you will get a good number of losses as the price will not move & stay in the same zone.
  • Have a daily trade limit & follow it regularly.

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