Binary Options Digit Match Winning Strategy – Deriv

Digit trades:

It is an advanced type of quick trade, available with the binary options trading platform, where you can predict on the last digit of the Synthetic indices and get paid.

There are three types of digit trading available with Deriv.

  • Matches or Differs
  • Even or Odds
  • Over or Under


For digit trades, you can choose ticks from 1 – 10 and how it works, explained below.

Matches or Differs:

Here you need to choose any digits from 0 to 9. Then you need to choose a trade option whether your selected digit matches or differs after a certain tick of the symbol or not. If it satisfies your selected trade condition then you will win the bet and earn money.

Matches trade type always gives the highest return up to 800%. Differs gives between 6% – 20%.

binary deriv digits match
Binary Options – Deriv – Digits Match/Differ trade
binary deriv digits match trade details
Binary Options – Deriv – Digits Match/Differ contract details

Even or Odd:

Here you can either bet on Even or odd digits.
Say if you bet on odd. Then if after say, 5 ticks market price quotes the last digit shows an odd number. Then you will win the trade.

binary options deriv digits odd evens
Binary Options – Deriv – Digits Odd/Even
binary deriv digits odd even trade details
Binary Options – Deriv – Digits Odd/Even contract details

Over or Under:

In this trade, you need to choose any digits from 0-9. A trader will win the bet, based on the over or under option they select with the chosen digits.

For example, if you choose number 7. So after certain ticks, if market quotes last digit goes above or below the 7, based on that you will win or lose the trade.

binary deriv digits over under trade
Binary Options – Deriv – Digits Over Under Trade
binary deriv digits over under trade details
Binary Options – Deriv – Digits Over Under Contract details

Digit statistics:

In this section, you can select several ticks for getting the statistical data of 0-9 numbers. It will show how many times those numbers occurred as the last digit number with that selected tick period.

Binary Deriv Digit statistics
Binary Deriv Digit statistics

Strategy for Digit Matches

For Trading Matches, you need to pick those numbers which occurred maximum time on the last 25 ticks & also in the last 100 ticks.

As an illustration, if for 25 ticks “0” came out 12% time and for 100 ticks 15% time. Then you have 12-15% chances to win the digit matching trade with “0”. Next is to configure your money management based on that.

Strategy for Digit Differs:

Opposite of digit matching is the digit differ. Also, it has the highest probability of winning but lower returns. Just think reversal, if you pick “0” from the previous example, then a chance of occurring “0” is only 12-15%, which indicates, if you choose the “0” for digit differ, you will have 85% chances to win.

Money Management:

Money Management is a key part here. For example with digit match and differ option, where digit match gives 800% return and differ gives average 10-20%. Then you have to win at least 90% to get some profit.

Say if you bet $1 for 10 times, and won 9 times, then your profit will be 0.8 cents.

Same way it works with Rise and fall type of trade. With odd or even binary option trade, you can get a 90% return in both cases

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