Touch – No Touch Binary Options Strategy – with Ichimoku

Deriv Binary Options, Touch – No Touch trade type is a unique way for the trader to make money. With this trading style, you can choose a particular level and predict if the market touches those levels or not.

The higher the odds are, the higher return for that trade.
That means if the market is in an uptrend and you are predicting that the market will touch an intraday low. Then it is very odd, chances are pretty low, so if you bet on it, you will get a higher return, almost a 200%-300% return on your bet.

Not all binary options brokers support this kind of trading except Deriv. The oldest binary options trading broker since 1999 who provides such a web-based advance platform.

Basic Trade setup


For placing a touch or no touch trading, you need to choose a Barrier in the (-)ve or (+)ve level.
If the market is quoting at $10, if you choose Barrier as +1.25, with no touch, then your no-touch level will be $11.25.

Trade expiry time

During a chosen time interval, if the market didn’t go to this $11.25 price level, then you will win the trade.
Time interval, you can choose from a minimum of 5 ticks to a maximum of 365 days.

Then lastly, choose the stake amount (the money you want to invest per trade) or you can choose the payout amount (the money you want to receive per trade as profit)

binary options Deriv touch no touch
BInary Options (Deriv): Touch No Touch trade setup
Instrument Type Duration Available Minimum Duration
Forex, Commodity, Metals, Indices Days 1 days
Synthetic Indices Tick, Minute 5 Ticks

The Strategy

With Ichimoku:

With Japanese Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, you can do simplistically advance technical analysis. With the Ichimoku cloud display, you can view market trends at a glance, helpful with binary options touch no touch strategy.

Understanding trend with Ichimoku cloud

Ichimoku cloud is the green or red area marked. Green color means a bullish trend if the market is above the green cloud. The red color indicates a bearish trend if the market is below the red cloud.
This Ichimoku cloud is made with Span A and Span B.

Don’t get confused, this is pretty easy if you move the mouse pointer over the chart on Deriv and see the indicator details.

For Touch strategy:

For the touch strategy, you only need to enter when the price bar or Japanese Candlestick, will close above or below the Ichimoku cloud. Then your touch target will be the olive-colored line, i.e Chiku span line, the lagging span line. Please see the example below to understand it clearly.

Deriv binary options trading with ichimoku cloud
Binary Options (Deriv) Touch trading strategy

For No Touch strategy:

For the no-touch strategy, you only need to enter when the price bar or Japanese Candlestick, will close above or below the Ichimoku cloud. Then your no-touch target will the Ichimoku cloud lower borderline in case of the bullish trend and for a bearish trend, the no-touch target will be the Ichimoku cloud upper borderline. Please check the image below to understand how it works.

binary options Deriv ichimoku no touch strategy
Binary options (Deriv) No touch strategy

See in the above picture as the market is rising, we can add no touch trade with no touch target of the Ichimoku cloud lower borderline. As the market is in a strong uptrend so fewer chances that it will go back inside the cloud and cross it below.

Binary Options Trade Scanner:

You can scan multiple trading instruments or currency pairs one at a time with the indicator below.

With the examples above, we need only to track only Ichimoku cloud signals. So we are using the custom indicators (free demo available) to scan Ichimoku cloud trend signal across multiple currency pairs. This trend scanner saves your time from manually watching every forex pairs. You can install it on Metatrader 4 trading software and scan data.

binary options signal scanner
Binary Options (Deriv) Trade Scanner


This strategy requires a basic understanding of Ichimoku indicators, like how it shows and confirms a bullish bearish trend. Then the rest is easy. Please do not take high risk for higher sized trade, first practice the strategy on small lot size trade or test on the demo account for safe trading.

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