Deriv DBot Binary Options Robot – Auto trading

When time is short for manual trades, Auto trading comes in.

You can use auto trading robots to place binary options trade for you. Not all the brokers support such an advanced mechanism, but with Deriv/ you can make your robots who will trade for you. Deriv allows traders to use custom or commercial trading robots to place a trade from their accounts.

To get started, first, you need to open the DBot section from the above top menu.

Deriv Binary Options trading robot
Deriv Binary Options Trading Robots

DBot Dashboard

DBot dashboard contains an Algorithm or logic area for the auto trade in block format. The actual file is in XML format. You can upload your own designed XML auto trading script into the Deriv DBot section.

After setting the logic properly, you can run the bot. Your auto trading status will be shown up on the right side of the dashboard. You can also reset the trading status.

Deriv binary options robot dashboard
Deriv DBot: Dashboard for binary options auto trade.

Bot Logic Block menu

You can set your trading logic with the block menu options by clicking on the “getting started” button.

It has lots of options available category wise. You can add indicators in your logic, mathematical formula.

Binary options robot design
Deriv Dbot: Binary options robot design

By clicking on the Quick strategy button, it will open for the preset strategies section. From there, you can select any preset strategy to get started.

binary options auto trading strategies
Deriv Dbot: Binary Options Auto trading Strategies

Here you can select on which currency or indices, auto trading will run. Trade type, Trade duration, maximum profit, maximum losses, stake size all you can choose from the menu with any selected strategies.
By default,

  • Martingale
  • D’Alembert
  • Oscar’s Grind

Strategies are available. You can fully customize it.

Running the Bot

Once you click on the Run button for the bot, it will automatically start trading with the selected parameters from the trade logic block as displayed on the left side.

binary options Deriv auto trading example
Deriv Dbot: Binary options auto trading example 1

Here is another example, look at the trade status. It shows overall profit or loss per bot run.

Binary options auto robot trading example 2
Deriv Dbot: Binary options auto trading robot example 2
Now, displaying the the ultimate result from the report section.

Binary options auto trading profits
Deriv Dbot: Binary options auto trading profits

Does It Require VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

Yes, it required VPS. Because Dbot runs from the browser. So you need to keep your browser open while running the Bot, thats why, VPS is needed if you want to run the strategy while you sleep.

Will this robot continue after the user logs out?

Yes. Since the trade executed through API token of the client, the trade will still continue till the client account has to balance in it. So, no need to think about client login in or log out. If the client provokes access, then the trade will get stopped. Absolutely, No VPS Required.

Ending Notes!

  • Risk Factor : Money Management
    Now as you know, this robot system runs on own hosted VPS. Hence before logging out, make sure you have set up your robot trading with a proper risk measurement. Otherwise, maybe next when you log in, you will see no money in your account due to overtrading. Hence what ever you do, make sure you risk little and added lots of filter on your trading logic, in order to avoid over trading.
  • Demo First
    Make sure to test your custom design strategy first on your demo account. So that if anything goes wrong, your account money will not hurt. Keep it on for few sessions and check out how it performs.

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