Start Earning Forex Rebate

Forex Cashback Earning Guide

In order to start earning cashback forex rebate from your trading, you need to open two accounts. One at IntraQuotes site here. The second one to your chosen brokerage site.

casback forex start up guide

Step 1: Register for an IntraQuotes Cashback Account

Just join through our registration link & open an intraquotes cashback account.

How do I open cashback account here?

Click on the register button at the top of the menu bar. Enter your email address to verify your email for registration. We will send you an account registration link. Open your email & click on the link. It will open the registration form. Fill up the form & click on "Complete Registration" button. Then you are all set for your new cashback account.

Step 2: Register for a trading account at brokerage site

Next, you need to register for a trading from any chosen brokerage site. We have all cashback eligible forex, CFD brokerage listed here. Pick any broker you like, you can compare brokerage service to get the best judgment.

Not having a trading account?

Find and compare reliable forex brokers from our partner broker list in order to earn daily forex rebate.

Compare Forex Brokers

Looking to increase account leverage?

If you are looking to increase your account leverage in a smart way. Then try forex no deposit & deposit bonus.

Get Forex Bonus

In order to earn cashback forex rebate, you need to register to those partner broker from our referral link. You will find the referral link on the specific broker page at our site. Just through the link & open account.

Step 3: Adding trading account to our cashback site

After successfully opening a trading account. Please log in here to open your IntraQuotes cashback account. Then from the dashboard click on the "Add account" menu. This will open the add account page for you. There you need to add your newly opened trading account number. Once we will verify your trading account for cashback. You will start earning daily forex rebate.

In order to earn cashback from our side, you need to add your trading account to our server. Remember, that trading account should be registered under our affiliation. How? Simple, if you just join any of our listed partner brokerage services from our site link. Then you will be eligible to receive trading cashback.

Even if you did not register under our reference, you can move your existing trading account to our reference. See this page for more information.

After registration to our site, first, log in to your cashback account. Then from account dashboard page, click on the "Add Account" menu to open the add trading account page.

add cashback trading account

From add account page, select broker name from the drop-down list. After that input your trading account number. Remember your trading account number should be in the alphanumeric format (consisting of or using both letters & numbers) e.g. 78971297 or ZB45977 etc. Then lastly enter your trading account name. If it is your trading account then input your name, if it is your spouse or other family members account, then put the account holder name.

how to add forex rebate account

Next click on the "Add Account" button to send your trading account for cashback verification. Once we will verify your trading account. You will able to earn cashback on your trading.

Forex cashback account for trading

After clicking on the "Add Account" button it will redirect you to the "Account list" page. Where you can view the all added trading accounts. You can also delete any added trading account if in case of any wrong input.

Step 4: Withdrawing Forex Cashback Rebate

In order to withdraw money from your cashback account. Click on the "Withdraw" option from the right side menu to open the withdraw page. You will see the withdrawal request form. Select payment processor or payment method. Enter the amount, a payment instruction, lastly enter your pin & click on "Add payout request" button to add your payment request.

withdraw cashback money

Read more at the FAQ section in order learn about minimum payout amount & payment processing time.

Note on Payment Instruction:

If you select Skrill for withdrawing your fund, then please add your skrill id (e.g in order to transfer your cashback to your skrill wallet.

If you have skrill id added to your "Account Settings" then you do not need to add any payment instruction, because we already know where to send the money. In order to add skrill id to account. Please click on the "Account Settings" option from the right side menu & add your skrill ID.

add skrill account

In case of Paytm payment, add your paytm mobile number from the account settings in order to receive payment via paytm. Just in case of Bank NEFT transfer, you will need to enter your bank account number, name & IFSC Code.

For NEFT(INR) or NEFT(USD to INR) payment request, on the Payment Instruction input field: Please type your bank account details in following format only.

  • Bank Account Name:
  • Bank Account Number:
  • IFSC Code:
USD to INR conversion:

For Indians only, the user can withdraw their cashback money from USD to INR to their paytm wallet or NEFT bank transfer to all Indian banks (Bank currency conversion charges applicable). In case of USD to INR conversion just enter the amount in Dollar. You need to sufficient dollar balance on your cashback account.

Step 5: Open Support Ticket

You can open a support ticket in case of any kind of cashback account related issues.

cashback support ticket

Step 6: How to earn commission from your referrals

With IntraQuotes forex cashback services, you will earn the industry highest affiliate commission up to 30% from your referrals earnings. We also have level 2 referral system where you can earn fix 2% commission. Tire 2 means, if your referral refers someone else, then you will also earn commissions. We have 5 levels of affiliate earnings include for VIP partners. More details can be found at the partnership page.


How to Refer Other Traders?

You can use our promotional materials to promote IntraQuotes Cashback Rebate services in different forums, social networking sites or on your own website, blog. If you need more materials, then please contact the affiliate department. You can find your affiliate id on the account referral page.