Welcome to IntraQuotes! Here we will guide you best to get started with our product and forex rebate service.

Open rebate account

We provide a free rebate account for forex traders to earn rebates from our partner brokers from their trading. Open the account in a minute!

Add trading account

Open a real forex trading account with our top partner forex brokers to get started. Then add your newly opened trading account to your rebate account. If you already have an existing trading account with our partner broker, no problem!

We will guide you to make us your IB (Introducing broker) for earning rebates.

Earn rebate

Once your trading account gets verified by us, you will start earning rebates. All forex cashback/rebates will get added to your rebate account balance.

Withdraw rebate

We have a wide range of payment systems available for individual partner brokers. Also, you can send your rebate back to your trading account via rebate transfer with zero transaction fees for the supported partner brokers.

Open account

Open a MetaTrader official account at (it’s FREE), where you can store all of your downloaded or purchased MetaTrader indicators, scripts, robots.

Download Indicator (Product)

Now click on the product page link to get redirected to our mql5 official indicator download page. From there, you can either download the indicator demo version or rent or purchase a full version.

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