Technical Analysis: EURAUD Mid US Session

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Technical analysis of EURAUD(European Dollar vs Australian Dollar) during the middle of the American trading session.

Indicator Used:

Chart Analysis:

forex technical analysis
Today is full moon, so it showing “Sun opposition Moon” aspect. We also had a moon ingress event, which was already showing “trend continuation” signal. So since the late Asian session market was trending down, later it continuted. Whole day “Venus Trine Pluto” aspect is active. Hence here we have focoused on following lines only based on all upcoming astrological event, like “Sun oppoistion Moon” &
“Mars Conjuction Moon” :

  • Moon Line
  • Venus Trine Price Line
  • Mars Line
  • Sun Line

Technical Analysis:

technical analysis forex trend
On hourly trend dashboard for EURAUD is showing bollinger band bearish breakout & all other indicators like, Parabolic SAR, ADX, Ichimoku, MACD showing red, bearish trend.

Forex News Release:

Today no major news is going release based on the forex economic calender.

Market Forecast:

As the market is falling down, if it keeps creating a new low, then target could be up to the mars line 1.5648. But it is currently a late session. So we will not expect that it will reach to up that, almost 88 pips from the current market position. We will actually expect it to reach up to the moon line(1.5784), cause the next upcoming aspect is the full moon aspect. Next aspect is conjunction mars, so it can still keep holding the moon line, cause reaching mars line is far away than reaching the moon line. In short, we will buy until the moon line. But movement could be slow as its a late session.

Full Chart Screenshot:

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