Technical Analysis: EURUSD European Opening

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Technical analysis of EURUSD(European Dollar vs US Dollar) at the opening of European Session.

Indicator Used:

Chart Analysis:

technical analysis of EURUSD opening of european session
There are 3 major aspects happening today.

  • Sun Conjunction Mercury
  • Sun Square Jupiter
  • Venus Trine Mars

Currently its the opening of european session & having a “Moon Opposition Saturn” celestial event. So we will only focus on following lines now:

  • Moon line resistance
  • Sun square price line

Technical Analysis:

Eurusd trend analysis
With our trend dashboard for EURUSD 5 Minutes analysis, we can see only ADX(Average Directional Movement Index) is bearish, rest of the bollinger band, parabolic SAR, ichimoku, fractal is showing up signal.

Forex News Release:

Currently, no major news coming up only 9 hours later during mid US session there will be red news for Crude Oil Inventories on USD.

Market Forecast:

One Sun Square price line is at 1.1565 & another one is at 1.1745. We will target the lower line because 1.1745 is far away than 1.1565, (EURUSD currently quoting at 1.1618). So selling option will be better than buying. We could only buy when EURUSD will break the daily top 1.1628. Below the moon resistance line 1.1614, there will be more selling pressure.

Full Chart Screenshot:

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