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During current London, Session EURUSD is heading upward towards Mercury line. In this post, we are going to share what we can expect from EURUSD through the day. The possible market price structure technically & fundamentally.

Indicator Used:

EURUSD Chart Analysis:

EURUSD daily technical analysis
Source: Metatrader 4 Trading Platform

In this picture above we can see there is a major aspect active throughout the day is “Mercury Trine Neptune”. So are main focus will be on mercury line. There was other moon aspects too with venus, saturn. But those aspects are already overed. So next upcoming aspect is with Mercury again. Currently its Mars also.

In this picture see we have marked an arrow towards upper mercury line & mars line. If EURUSD follows current intraday uptrend then it will reach towards 1.1626 to 1.1648 in next 2-3 hours. If not then we can sell towards 1.1506.

Upcoming Forex News Release:

There is a red news coming for GBP. Official bank rate votes in next 2-3 hours. So there is a possibility for EURUSD to touch any of this mercury levels & moves between 50-70 pips next.

Chart Screenshot in Full View:

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