GBPUSD Trade Analysis: Moon Aspects

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GBPUSD (Pound Dollar) day trading forex analysis with Financial Astrology, Price & Time.

Indicator Used:

GBPUSD Chart Analysis:

GBPUSD Forex analysis On the 5 Minutes Chart, GBPUSD is trending up. There is 2 mundane aspect coming. Plus whole day we had Venus & Mercury Conjunction effect. We have plotted Moon line & along with Sun Trine Aspect Line.  Here Sun Trine line & Moon line overlapped for obvious reason. We have plotted pitchfork lines in order to understand the trend better.

Trend Analysis:

GBPUSD Trend analysis

Our Trend dashboard indicating all up, only in case or Parabolic SAR & RSI it showing bearish signal. RSI is showing bullishly overbought.

Upcoming Forex News Release:

There is no major big news going to release now. But 7 hours later Pound MPC Member speech is coming.

GBPUSD Forecast:

Clearly, it is bullish. Sell opportunity will only come below 1.3904. If it happens & also breaks the middle line of Andrew Pitchfork then you can target up to the pitchfork lower line & more below up to the 1.3785 Sun Trine line. Which could be a possible target during GBP MPC Speech.

Chart Screenshot in Full View:

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