Astro Trade: GBPUSD Saturn Mercury Conjunction 70 pips

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Forex Analysis: During the European Session, GBPUSD was declining. Thus we have plotted our SFX Intraday Planetary Line Astro Pack Indicator on Metatrader 4 trading platform. We have applied this indicator to 5 Minutes intraday chart. If you are visiting first time here, then please read our indicator manual in order understand more about this indicator & strategy.

forex analysis gbpusd astro trade saturn mercury

Technical Analysis:

As we can see the market is in a downtrend, for a better understanding of wave we have used Andrew Pitchfork. After plotting pitchfork, the bearish trend is now more visible. The market creating lower highs along with downtrend line.

Astrological Analysis:


During the reversing area (yellow marked zone) there was a Pluto strong opposition aspect with the moon. Thus, astrologically it is a good timing.


As we can see the biggest aspect among all other aspects, was Saturn Conjunction Mercury. So we will be focusing on it. We have plotted mercury line & also the moon line on the chart with the indicator.  Clearly, the market is reacting on these line as resistance. Thus we can place a sell trade.


gbpusd mercury resistance planetary line

US Session:

Later part, during the US Session we can see that market already have fallen 70+ pips from our resistance level & created day low. During that time, there was a forex news release also for USD ADP Non-Farm Employment Change, which pushes prices more downward.

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