Forex Analysis: US Session

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forex analysis us session

Indicator used:

Time Frame: 5 Minutes Chart
For this US session, none of the currency pair actually having any Bollinger band breakout signal. There it indicates that everything is going with a stable mode. So we picked currency pairs based on Gann grid structure.


GBPJPY trend

GBPJPY chart with Gann Intraday Pivot Indicator

With the picture above, we can see the market is in uptrend. 146.11 could be a place for re-entry on the uptrend, but if the market falls below it, then sell trade is possible until 145.81 & 145.50. As major news coming in next one hour with USD, CB Consumer Confidence, so we can expect until 145.50.


Currently in downtrend, upcoming support at 1.1283. Breaking below will continue towards 1.2560-1.2557.

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