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Hotforex 100% credit bonus is it scam or real? – IntraQuotes

Hotforex is an FSC regulated forex broker providing 100% credit bonus for all new clients. With this bonus, a trader can increase their leverage while trading. Also, the profit can be withdrawn if certain volume requirement is met. The user can bring the stop out level of cash balance to zero. This kind of bonus is helpful for traders if they needed to trade in larger volume but lacking enough cash. So its a trading fund boost for traders with hotforex bonus.

Bonus Applicable Account Type:

This bonus is applicable to Micro, Premium, Islamic & FIX account types.

Minimum deposit required is $100 to get started.

Maximum amount per account can be claimed up to $30,000.

How does it work?

If you deposit $100 you will receive 100% credit bonus on your $100 deposit. Thus your total available trading fund would be $200. As maximum claim bonus is $30,000. That means a trader can maximum deposit $30,000 with this bonus scheme & earn additional $30,000 credit. Total $60,000 account tradable balance.

Withdraw Fund from Credit Bonus:

hotforex bonusIf you deposit $200 & receive more $200 as forex bonus. Then in order to withdraw bonus $200, you need to make a transaction of $200/2 = 100 standard lots. (with closed deals)

100 standard lot can drive you nuts. But the fact is this 100 standard lot is for withdrawing the free money of $200 which hotforex is providing. Not for withdrawing your own money.  You can withdraw your $200 deposited money anytime you want. Plus you can also withdraw your profit. Suppose you have made $100 extra profit from your $400 tradable balance. You can easily withdraw your $100 profit without any obligation. So it clears everything.

If you trade Indices, U.S shares, Gold & Oil, then 1 lot get counted as 0.1 lot towards completing the bonus volume requirement. All closed trade should have at least 3 pips difference between the open & close price to be considered as valid.

If the client withdraws $100 then $100 credit bonus will automatically get removed from account credit balance as user made the withdrawal.

Join Hotforex & claim your 100% credit bonus today

You can also earn daily cashback (rebate) from us up to $5.25 per standard lot. Register for cashback here.

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