Hotforex Super Charged Bonus – Power Up Trading Profits Incredibly

Worrying about lack of money on your trading accounts? No more, you can double your trading account balance with hotforex 100% super charged bonus & trade with bigger leverage.

hotforex super charged bonusWhat is hotforex 100% super charged bonus?

You if you register for a hotforex trading account. With this bonus, you can double your deposit.If you deposit $1000 on an approved real live account, you will get more $1000 credit balance on your account as 100% super charged bonus to trade with it.

Account Types For The Bonus:

The bonus is applicable to FIX, Premium & Islamic Accounts only with a prevailing leverage.

How To Get The Bonus?

Just join the link below & make a deposit of $250 or more according to your needs. You will get $250 credit balance more on your account that means total $500 on your trading account. Hotforex doesn’t charge any deposit fees. Absolutely free funding.

Register Hotforex

Once client made an initial minimum deposit of $250 or subsequent deposit of $250 or more into their live trading accounts, hotforex automatically applies the bonus scheme to that account.

If you deposit $3000 then you will get $3000 credit balance more, total $6000 on your trading balance.

A client can earn a cumulative maximum bonus on this scheme up to $50,000! That’s pretty large. Also, you can earn maximum cumulative rebates up to $8000. Earn daily $2 rebates per lot with this bonus scheme. So what are you waiting for join today!

Cashback from Us (Earn double cashback):

You can also exclusively earn hotforex cashback from our cashback scheme, up to $5.25 Highest in the industry.  Register to our site here.

Super Charged Bonus & Leverage Terms:

The bonus credit can be used to increase client’s leverage, but cannot be lost. However, In the event that a Client’s equity reaches or falls below the level of the bonus scheme, the bonus will be automatically removed from the client’s account. Thus it is wise to take care that your account balance doesn’t fall below the bonus amount. For a sincere trader that’s a not a problem.

Withdrawing The Bonus:

If the client withdraws from his/her trading account will result in a reduction of the bonus on 1:1 basis. This is applicable for withdrawal of profits, rebates & deposit made by the client.

For example, if you deposit $250 on your account you will get more $250 that’s total $500. Now if you made a withdrawal of $100, then the same amount will be removed from the bonus. That means your account balance will be exactly doubled on what you have deposited.

Should I be excited now?

Most the traders get excited with such bonus because of the double account balance. More money always inspires some traders to trade recklessly. So our advice is please trade sincerely. Use leverage in your favor. You can read our other post about smart money management, the logic behind 2% risk per trade. It will give you some insight how to trade safely, with your hard earned money.

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