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ATR Average true range metatrader indicator dashboard

IQ Pro ATR Table

Metatrader Indicator

Shows average pip movement of different currency pairs for multiple timeframes. Easy dropdown list to change timeframe & currency pairs.

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You can view up to 5 symbols ATR (average true range) value one at a time for 2 different timeframes for choosing the best volatile currency pair to trade. The indicator works on all types of symbols, Metal, Gold, Future contracts,  CFDs, and cryptocurrencies.

Forex multi currency ATR dashboard for multiple timeframe
Average True Range

Make sure you have added the proper prefix & suffix code. For example, some broker symbol for EURUSD is m.EURUSD. Then at the prefix, you need to add "m."

It will show zero initially as it takes time to load the data and calculate. Make sure your interest is working correctly with proper speed to download the data from metatrader server.

You can change the indicator dashboard size:

  • Standard Monitor
  • Large Monitor
  • HD Monitor
  • 4K Monitor

You can change the timeframe & timeframe ATR period.

SFX ATR dashboard indicator input settings new
Indicator Input Settings

CLICK HERE for all general indicator related FAQ

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Daniel Skipp

Please excuse my question: what type of ATR is this coded with? SMA, EMA, Wilder’s or another?

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