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Loading Data

Change Indicator Size:

  • Default (SD)
  • 125% (HD)
  • 150% (Full HD)
  • 200% (4K)

Enter RSI Period: 14 (Default) (min 5 &max 50 period)

RSI Overbought:

When the RSI value goes above 70, the indicator highlights in red for overbought condition.

RSI Oversold:

When the RSI value goes below 30, the indicator highlights in green for oversold condition.

Utilize the indicator’s flexibility to monitor these signals across 10 currency pairs and 9 timeframes from 1M to Monthly, adapting your approach to different market dynamics.

Add only one indicator per chart to avoid any conflict. You can use any other default MetaTrader indicator but do not add our same indicator double time on the chart. Only one dashboard per chart.

An issue with symbol order:

Symbols are displayed in reverse order and not starting from the first ten of the market list.


This issue can differ from one broker to another. To address this, prioritize the symbols you frequently use for trading by placing them at the top of the Market Watch section. Conceal any unnecessary symbols to enhance indicator performance.

How to Do a Visual Backtest with Our Indicator (mt4):

Step 1: Download the entire history center database first. Press the shortcut key F2 to access the History Center.

Step 2: Click on the download button.

Step 3: After the download completes, close, and restart the MetaTrader.

Possible Issues with Backtesting:

Issue 1:

You see a message that says “Waiting for update” on the chart while backtesting.


This means that you don’t have enough data or a poor internet connection. To avoid this, download the full History Center data as explained above.

Issue 2:

Metatrader freezes during the backtest.


This also happens because of insufficient data or a bad internet connection. Fix the internet connection before starting and follow the steps again.


Is it necessary to use multiple dashboards to track different currency pairs?

No, it’s not required. Our advanced indicator displays the correlation values for 10 currency pairs simultaneously, providing comprehensive coverage in a single view. Additionally, users have the flexibility to modify the symbols via the drop-down list directly on the live indicator, ensuring a customizable and efficient experience

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