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Gann Intraday Pivot MetaTrader – Indicator Manual

This is the manual of WD Gann Intraday Pivot Indicator for Metatrader 4. We have created this manual for better understanding it works with modern market. Gann Intraday Pivot Indicator Manual covers all indicator features including custom timing, gann grid & custom pivot points. Trade example & how to use it.

Manual Version: 1.1

For Indicator Parameters & Details please visit the indicator page to view the product description.


  1. History
  2. Indicator Usage
  3. Scaling The Indicator
  4. Indicator Dashboard & Functions
  5. Daily Pivot Points
  6. Hourly Pivot Points
  7. Custom Pivot Points
  8. Gann Grid
  9. Custom Timing


This indicator is developed with WD Gann Mechanism with modern science for the modern market.  Indicator backtest result since 1999 proved it works frequently. Not just 1999. The applied method on 18th-century data also worked with different markets. The method works for anything that has a quote even for cryptocurrencies.

gann pivot with bitcoin

Indicator Usage:

Indicator plots acute support & resistance levels, Dynamic Trendlines, Gann Master Chart Grid Layout, Key Times (where the market can change trend) on intraday charts with custom parameters. The indicator also plots Possible Buy/Sell Arrows and shows signals for entries. (Subject to consider with market price action). A perfect and complete tool for swing day traders, scalpers.

Scaling The Indicator:

Indicator has two scaling option,

  • 0.01 cent or 1 pip
  • $1 or more (Non-FX Instruments, Indices, Commodities)

1st is one for forex and crude oils, silvers which get quoted as 19.95 or 123.56 etc.

2nd one is for Non-Fx instruments, Indices & commodities, for example with US30 which get quoted as 20930.85, “$1 or more” is perfect.

Indicator Dashboard & its Functions:

gann intraday pivot indicator manual

  • Day Trend Strength: This shows early indication of the trend with the start of the day.
  • Price Trend Zone: This shows price trend zone in the following manner: strong/weak bullish or strong/weak bearish.
  • Time Trend Zone: This shows time trend zone in the following manner: strong/weak bullish or strong/weak bearish.

When both Price & Time Trend shows strongly bullish or bearish that is a signal for trade in that direction.  But it is always recommended to judge with other technical & fundamental analysis along with it.

Sometimes it shows early indication near to any support or resistance level. For example, near to a support are if price or time both shows weak bearish, that is an early sign that market will reverse & possible buy trade.

Using Daily Pivot Points:

Daily Pivots are support and resistance levels, which has two parts

  • Major Support Resistance levels.
  • Minor Support Resistance levels.

Notes! Among these levels, Major S1 or Major R1 is an important area for breakout or reversal. If breaks Major S1 or Major R1 that indicates a breakout trade.

Somedays major S/R levels works good, some days Minor S/R works good (especially on weak days)

Example 1: GBPUSD

Gann intraday pivot breakout signal

Using Hourly Pivot Points:

Hourly pivot is a secondary minor factor which trader use to match up with daily pivot to get weight into their trading decisions. Hourly pivot does works as a standalone system.
Example 2:
gann intraday hourly pivot points

Using Custom Pivot Points:

Custom Pivots are two types custom pivot price lines, custom pivot timelines. Timelines indicate important key time for the market to change trend.Both can be plotted with 4 user selected parameters:

from Current day high / Last Day High /  Current Day Low / Last Day Low.

It is not necessary that both time pivot & price pivot will work together. Both systems can works differently for different markets. The user can either use custom price pivot or time pivot or both.

Example 3:

custom pivot points

In the example above, market formed an intraday bottom From where we have plotted the custom pivots along with the time pivots. As we can see during the time pivot market moved higher with force & created intraday top around a custom resistance area.

custom pivot settings

Example: 4

Custom pivot points from current day low

Using Gann Master Grid Chart Layout:

It contains, dynamic support & resistance levels which are marked as “Bullish Grid”  & “Bearish Grid“.  Also, it plots horizontal price levels & vertical time lines.

  • As long as the market stays above any bullish grid lines it’s in uptrend from that grid line.
  • As long as the market stays below any bearish grid lines it’s in downtrend from that grid line.

That means the trend here works as a point to point system.

Grid lines have two types: Major Grid lines & Minor Grid lines. In general case, both together works well like daily pivots.

Example 5:

Gann grid layout

Example 6:

wd Gann grid channel

For Trendy pairs like GBPJPY, the market works inside the bullish bearish grid channels.

Using custom Timing for Non-FX instruments:

For Non-FX instruments which do get operated with 24 hours market structure them, the user needs to enable custom timing options. In order do that, the first user needs to find out the custom timing for that specific instruments. From Market Watch Window, right click on the instrument & from right click menu click on Specification. To get Instrument Start hour & End hour. Below is the example of US30.

custom timing for gann intraday pivot

Input these data on indicator custom time settings:

custom time settings for gann intraday pivot indicator

Notes on Trend Arrows / Signals:

Trend arrows produce unfiltered trade signals. That’s why it is always advised to consider market price action in order to make trading decisions. If arrows say possible buys & market didn’t move up rather falls down. Then that signals automatically gets obsoleted.

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