COVID-19 Global Impact in Business

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covid-19 coronavirus pandemic
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Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic is devastating for all of us. It not just effected our daily routine and work-life it also affected the global business.

Due to lockdown, social distancing in the majority of the countries created an adverse impact on human resources. Therefore, there was a delay in the solution of a problem. Our partner and associates all face the same consequences. But we are positive and fighting against this back-breaking situation to provide you the best service possible.

We couldn’t thank you enough for keeping patience with us and continue this journey with us. Together we can fight this pandemic and this too shall pass.

Stay safe and stay strong!

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New Upgrade: Forex Currency Correlation Dashboard

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Get Premium Rebates with FPMarkets up to $5.25
Get Premium Rebates with FPMarkets up to $5.25

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Now we are partnered with FPMarkets and you can earn Premium rebates up to $5.25 per standard lot. It is applicable on both Raw and Standard account type of FPMarkets. Get started from here:  

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