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forex day trading


Start investing today with our top forex metatrader indicators. World class technical analysis at your fingertips for predicting intraday high lows with best accuracy. Stay ahead with our unique trading indicators.

  • Financial Astrology

    Converts planetary coordinates into price levels and draws support resistance on the chart, along with planetary aspect timings.

  • Trend Dashboard

    The ultimate trend dashboard indicator with more than 15+ indicators, oscillators, divergence signals one at a time for multiple currencies.

  • WD Gann Pivot

    Plots daily pivot lines support and resistance levels with WD Gann master chart degrees along with key timings.

  • Trade Duration (Free)

    Shows how long your currently active trade is running, including the active pending orders.

  • ATR Dashboard (Free)

    Shows average true range for multiple currency pairs one at a time for multiple time frames.

  • Risk Reward Ratio

    Shows your existing orders monetary values & risk-reward ratio status. Trailed stop locked profit value, total portfolio risk. Gives live alerts.

  • IQ Trend Dashboard Multiple Time Frame

    Shows trend signals for multiple currencies, symbols with multiple timeframe analysis.

learn forex trading

Learn Forex Trading

Try our free forex trading course. Our wide range of forex day trading topics covers all different day trading strategies for beginners to advance level traders.

  • Forex School

    New to forex trading? Learn from the basics of foreign exchange currency trading. Eleven chapters to learn to trade.

  • Day Trading Strategy

    Strategic guide to day trading with our premium and free Metatrader indicators.

  • Binary Options

    Beginners guide to binary options trading, also for advance binary options trader with our pro indicators.

  • Options Trading

    Learn trading options derivatives for the capital market. Explore different options trading strategies.

  • Metatrader Platform

    Free tutorials on worlds number one free currency trading platform.

  • Forex Analysis

    In-depth technical analysis of the forex market with our pro indicators.

  • Forex Calculator

    Find your best forex calculators. Calculate pip value, current forex market hours, sessional timing, convert major currencies with live rate.


Gannalyst Professional 5.0 Free Download

Last updated on July 6, 2019

Gannalyst Professional 5.0 Free Download

Gannalyst software was developed by Bill Veoten back in 2000. It was popular among gann traders. A trader can use .csv data, .pnr or text files to upload data into the software in order to plot chart. The software has almost all the available gann indicator which is customizable with different scale inputs. This software […]

Referral Program – Forex Rebate

Last updated on June 29, 2019

Referral Program – Forex Rebate

Promote Forex Cashback Rebate IntraQuotes Referral Program With our forex referral program, we have Tire 2 performance based multi-level referral system for lifetime benefits. No matter you promote Forex VIP trader or new forex trader, you will get paid based on your affiliate performance. Affiliate commission gets added daily based on your promoted referrals activity. […]

IQ Financial Astrology Metatrader Indicator

Last updated on June 24, 2019

IQ Financial Astrology Metatrader Indicator

Monthly rent $14.99 Free demo download Metatrader 4 Purchase includes: Access to the indicator Auto software upgrade Free web manual Maximum activation for 11 Devices Life time technical support Version Current Version : 1.18 Updated : 3rd June, 2019 Published : 30th Aug, 2016 Operating System : Windows 7/8/10 How to purchase You can purchase […]