EURUSD 2 pips
Day Range: 12 pips
2019-05-24 05:00:40

Buy 54.1%
Sell 45.9%

GBPUSD 8 pips
Day Range: 15 pips
2019-05-24 05:02:32

Buy 51.89%
Sell 48.11%

AUDUSD -0.011 pips
Day Range: 22 pips
2019-05-24 05:02:26

Buy 73.61%
Sell 26.39%

USDJPY 8 pips
Day Range: 27 pips
2019-05-24 05:02:26

Buy 63.45%
Sell 36.55%

USDCAD 7 pips
Day Range: 12 pips
2019-05-24 05:02:19

Buy 24.78%
Sell 75.22%

USDCHF 8 pips
Day Range: 12 pips
2019-05-24 05:01:10

Buy 45.51%
Sell 54.49%

NZDUSD -2 pips
Day Range: 13 pips
2019-05-24 05:02:24

Buy 65.49%
Sell 34.51%

GOLD -0.57
Day Range: 1.76
2019-05-24 05:02:34

Buy 67.31%
Sell 32.69%

SILVER -0.005
Day Range: 0.05
2019-05-24 05:02:36

Buy 71.62%
Sell 28.38%

#USDX 0.01
Day Range: 0.08
2019-05-24 05:01:51

Buy 7.69%
Sell 92.31%

#FTSE -70.9
Day Range: 93.95
2019-05-23 18:29:52

Buy 36.84%
Sell 63.16%

#Bitcoin 25.89
Day Range: 134.85
2019-05-24 05:02:31

Buy 78.11%
Sell 21.89%

Economic Calender:

Date Impact Name Actual Forecast Previous
Fri May 31 12:30Medium PCE Core-0.0% m/m; 1.6% y/y
Wed May 29 14:00Low Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index-3
Thu May 30 23:01Low GfK Consumer Confidence Survey--13
Fri May 31 05:00Low Consumer Confidence-40.4
Thu May 23 06:00Low GDP0.4% q/q; 0.6% y/y0.4% q/q; 0.6% y/y0.4% q/q; 0.6% y/y
Wed May 22 14:10Low FOMC Member Raphael W. Bostic Speaks
Thu May 23 22:45Medium Trade Balance450M; -5465M922M; -5616M
Wed May 22 09:30Low 10-y Bond Auction-0.07%; 1.80.02%; 2.0
Fri May 31 12:30Medium Raw Materials Price Index-2.8%
Mon May 20 10:00Low Bundesbank Monthly Report
Mon May 27 23:50Low Corporate Service Price Index-1.1%
Fri May 31 12:30Low Personal Income-0.1%
Tue May 28 05:00Low BOJ Core CPI-0.5%
Tue May 21 14:45Medium FOMC Member Charles Evans Speaks
Wed May 29 06:45Low Consumer Spending--0.1%
Tue May 28 06:00Low GfK Consumer Climate-10.4
Fri May 31 12:00Medium CPI-1.0% m/m; 2.0% y/y
Fri May 31 06:00Low Nationwide House Price Index-0.4% m/m; 0.9% y/y
Sun May 26 08:30High Inflation Report Hearings-
Wed May 22 08:30Medium PPI Input1.1% m/m; 3.8% y/y1.1% m/m; 4.4% y/y-0.8% m/m; 3.2% y/y
Thu May 23 23:30Medium National CPI ex fresh food & energy0.6%0.4%
Wed May 22 23:00Low PMI Manufacturing (CBA)52.350.1
Tue May 21 16:00Medium FOMC Member Eric Rosengren Speaks
Wed May 22 23:00Low PMI Manufacturing (CBA)52.250.0
Thu May 30 12:30Low GDP Price Index-0.9%0.9%
Wed May 22 07:30Medium ECB President Mario Draghi Speaks
Thu May 23 23:30High National CPI0.9%0.5%
Wed May 22 23:00Low PMI Manufacturing (CBA)51.150.9
Mon May 20 17:00Medium FOMC Member John C. Williams Speaks
Thu May 30 15:00Medium Crude Oil Inventories-4740K
Tue May 28 09:00Low Consumer Confidence--6.5-6.5
Thu May 23 06:00Low GfK Consumer Climate10.4
Mon May 20 13:30Low FOMC Member Patrick T. Harker Speaks
Tue May 28 08:30Low High Street Lending-40.0K
Tue May 21 10:00Low CBI industrial order books balance-10-6-5
Fri May 31 12:30Medium Personal Spending-0.9%
Thu May 30 23:50Low Retail Sales-0.2% m/m; 1.0% y/y
Wed May 29 01:00Medium ANZ Business Confidence--37.5
Thu May 23 17:00Low Член FOMC Томас Баркин выступит с речью
Wed May 29 07:55Medium Unemployment Change--12K
Tue May 28 05:45Medium Gross Domestic Product-0.2% q/q; 1.4% y/y
Thu May 23 07:30Medium PMI Services55.055.255.7
Mon May 20 08:00Low Current Account (sa)24.7bln; 35.0bln24.2bln; 34.5bln27.9bln; 16.7bln
Tue May 21 23:50Low Trade Balance-110.9bln; 60.4bln-23.6bln; 229.5bln-154.3bln; 527.8bln
Wed May 29 22:45Low Building Permits--6.9%
Tue May 21 03:00Low Credit Card Spending0.6% m/m; 4.5% y/y-0.1% m/m; 4.5% y/y
Thu May 23 08:00Medium PMI Services52.553.052.8
Fri May 24 12:30Low Corporate Profits--3.9%
Thu May 23 07:15Medium PMI Manufacturing50.650.150.0
Fri May 24 12:30High Durable Goods Orders--2.0% m/m; 0.1% m/m2.7% m/m; 0.4% m/m
Tue May 28 21:00High RBNZ Financial Stability Report-
Thu May 23 23:30Medium National CPI ex Fresh Food0.9%0.8%
Thu May 30 23:30Low Tokyo CPI ex Fresh Food & Energy-0.9%
Thu May 23 17:00Low FOMC Member Robert Kaplan Speaks
Thu May 30 12:30Medium GDP-3.2%3.2%
Wed May 29 06:45Low GDP-0.3% q/q; 1.1% y/y0.3% q/q; 1.1% y/y
Thu May 23 12:30Medium Unemployment Claims211K215K212K
Thu May 23 08:00Medium Ifo Current Assessment100.6103.5103.4
Tue May 28 13:00Low Case-Shiller 20 City-3.0%
Mon May 20 23:00High Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell Speaks
Thu May 23 14:30Low EIA Natural Gas Storage Change100bln104bln106bln
Fri May 31 08:30Low Mortgage Approvals-62.3K
Tue May 28 13:00Low House Price Index-0.3%
Thu May 30 02:00High Annual Budget-
Wed May 22 01:30Medium Construction Work Done-1.9%0.1%-2.1%
Wed May 22 05:00Medium FOMC Member James Bullard Speaks
Wed May 22 01:30Low BoJ board member Yutaka Harada will give a speech
Fri May 24 10:00Low CBI retail sales volume balance-613

Current GMT Time: 24 May 2019 02:02 (Powered by InstaForex)

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