EURUSD -25 pips
Day Range: 57 pips
2019-01-18 23:59:56

Buy 56.14%
Sell 43.86%

GBPUSD -0.112 pips
Day Range: 136 pips
2019-01-18 23:59:56

Buy 49.91%
Sell 50.09%

AUDUSD -30 pips
Day Range: 55 pips
2019-01-18 23:59:56

Buy 66.13%
Sell 33.87%

USDJPY 52 pips
Day Range: 83 pips
2019-01-18 23:59:27

Buy 53.79%
Sell 46.21%

USDCAD -0.014 pips
Day Range: 51 pips
2019-01-18 23:59:56

Buy 30.52%
Sell 69.48%

USDCHF 0.013 pips
Day Range: 27 pips
2019-01-18 23:59:57

Buy 42.67%
Sell 57.33%

NZDUSD -25 pips
Day Range: 47 pips
2019-01-18 23:59:45

Buy 61.8%
Sell 38.2%

#Bitcoin -15.47
Day Range: 29.35
2019-01-20 09:00:46

Buy 78.82%
Sell 21.18%

GOLD -10.31
Day Range: 11.88
2019-01-18 23:59:27

Buy 64.98%
Sell 35.02%

SILVER -0.195
Day Range: 0.27
2019-01-18 23:59:54

Buy 61.98%
Sell 38.02%

#USDX 0.29
Day Range: 0.38
2019-01-18 23:57:52

Buy 25%
Sell 75%

#FTSE 95.51
Day Range: 110.78
2019-01-18 18:29:59

Buy 37.45%
Sell 62.55%

Economic Calender:

Date Country Impact Name Actual Forecast Previous
Tue Jan 22 09:30HighClaimant Count Change-21.9K
Fri Feb 01 13:30MediumAverage Hourly Earnings-0.4% m/m; 3.2% y/y
Fri Jan 25 11:00LowCBI retail sales volume balance--13
Tue Jan 22 09:30MediumClaimant Count Rate-4.1%
Sun Jan 20 13:30MediumTrade Balance--54.0bln-55.5bln
Fri Feb 01 15:00LowISM Manufacturing Prices-54.9
Wed Jan 30 00:30MediumRBA Weighted Median-0.3% q/q; 1.7% y/y
Tue Jan 29 00:30MediumNAB Business Confidence-3
Thu Jan 24 09:30Low30-Year Bonds Auction-2.677%; 1.43
Thu Jan 31 08:55MediumUnemployment Rate-5.0%
Thu Jan 24 09:00MediumPMI Manufacturing-51.4
Thu Jan 24 12:45MediumDeposit Facility Rate--0.40%-0.40%
Wed Jan 23 07:00LowTrade Balance-4.74В
Thu Jan 24 00:30LowParticipation Rate-65.7%
Wed Jan 30 13:15MediumADP Non-Farm Employment Change-271K
Thu Jan 24 10:00Low10-y Bond Auction-0.68%; 1.71
Thu Jan 24 02:00LowCredit Card Spending-0.4% m/m; 6.1% y/y
Wed Jan 30 05:00LowConsumer Confidence-42.7
Wed Jan 23 11:00LowCBI industrial order books balance-8
Thu Jan 24 23:30LowNational CPI-0.3%
Wed Jan 30 07:00LowImport Price Index--1.0% m/m; 3.1% y/y
Sun Jan 20 15:00LowFactory Orders-0.6% m/m-2.1% m/m; 0.3% m/m
Fri Feb 01 09:30MediumPMI Manufacturing-54.2
Thu Jan 31 07:45LowConsumer Price Index-0.0% m/m; 1.6% y/y
Thu Jan 24 15:30LowEIA Natural Gas Storage Change--81bln
Mon Jan 21 00:01LowRightmove House Prices--1.5% m/m; 0.7% y/y
Sun Jan 20 13:30MediumHousing Starts-1253K; -0.2%1256K; 3.2%
Thu Jan 31 10:00MediumGDP revised-0.2% q/q; 1.6% y/y
Tue Jan 22 10:00MediumZEW Survey (Econ. Sentiment)--21.0
Thu Jan 24 00:30MediumPart Time Employment Change--6.4K; 43.4K
Thu Jan 24 12:45HighECB Interest Rate Announcement-0.00%0.00%
Wed Jan 23 15:00LowConsumer Confidence--6.2
Tue Jan 22 23:50LowTrade Balance--492.2В; -737.3В
Thu Jan 24 00:30LowPMI Manufacturing-52.6
Mon Jan 21 02:00HighReal GDP-1.5% q/q; 6.4% y/y1.6% q/q; 6.5% y/y
Wed Jan 30 10:00Low10-y Bond Auction-2.70%; 1.53
Mon Jan 21 02:00MediumFixed Asset Investment-6.0%5.9%
Thu Jan 24 10:00Low30-y Bond Auction-1.60%; 1.72
Thu Jan 24 08:30MediumPMI Services-51.8
Thu Jan 24 08:30MediumPMI Manufacturing-51.5
Wed Jan 23 14:00LowHouse Price Index-0.3%
Thu Jan 24 14:45MediumISM Manufacturing-53.8
Tue Jan 22 23:30LowMI Leading Index--0.1%
Thu Jan 24 23:30LowNational CPI ex Fresh Food-0.9%
Thu Jan 24 21:45LowVisitor Arrivals-4.0%
Thu Jan 31 08:55MediumUnemployment Change--14K
Wed Jan 30 09:00LowUnemployment Rate-10.5%
Fri Jan 25 09:00MediumIfo Business Climate Index-101.0
Mon Jan 28 21:45MediumTrade Balance--861M; -5423M
Thu Jan 31 01:00MediumNon-Manufacturing PMI-53.8
Tue Jan 22 09:30MediumPublic Sector Net Borrowing-6.3bln; 7.2В
Wed Jan 30 09:30LowMortgage Approvals-63.7K
Fri Feb 01 01:45MediumMarkit Final Manufacturing PMI-49.7
Fri Feb 01 13:30HighNon-Farm Payrolls-312K
Thu Jan 31 13:30MediumPersonal Spending-0.4%
Thu Jan 31 13:30MediumPCE Core-0.1% m/m; 1.9% y/y
Thu Jan 31 13:30HighGross Domestic Product-0.3% m/m; 2.2% y/y
Thu Jan 24 12:45MediumMarginal Lending Facility-0.25%0.25%
Thu Jan 31 13:30LowPersonal Income-0.2%
Tue Jan 29 15:00HighConsumer Confidence-128.1
Wed Jan 30 00:30MediumRBA Trimmed Mean CPI-0.4% q/q; 1.8% y/y
Thu Jan 24 14:45LowComposite PMI-54.4
Thu Jan 31 10:00LowUnemployment Rate-7.9%
Thu Jan 31 14:45MediumChicago Purchasing Managers Index-65.4
Wed Jan 23 06:30HighBank of Japan Press Conference-
Sun Jan 20 15:00MediumNew Home Sales-569K; 4.0%544K; -8.9%

Time shown in GMT

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