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WD Gann MetaTrader Planetary Line Astro Indicator

SFX Intraday Planetary Line Astro Pack Indicator:

How to backtest this indicator on Metatrader 5:

Indicator Benefit

  • Indicator plots planetary lines without using any CSV file or any kind of data fetching from 3rd party software or Internet!
  • It has inbuilt astronomical calculation being the first of its kind in the MQL indicator history.
  • Planet Degree might differ from 0.5-1.0 degrees than actual. NASA quality.
  • Indicator plots planetary lines based on Custom-able Planetary Coordinates ( Geocentric | Heliocentric )
  • Indicator plots planetary lines based on Custom-able Planetary Zodiac Method Tropical | Sidereal (Vedic).
  • (Custom-able) scaling for plotting planetary lines.
  • Indicator plots planetary lines for Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Lunar node & South Lunar Node.
  • Indicator plots average of 5 & 8 planets planetary lines.
  • Indicator plots planetary aspect price lines with (custom-able) planets & (custom-able) aspects selection.
  • Indicator plots Mundane Aspects, Moon Ingress Timing with its Trend strength (Strongest, Stronger, Weak, Continuation, Reversal)
  • Indicator plots Hora lines (custom-able timing)
  • Dashboard data shows the daily trend for individual instruments along with effective planet name in Advance. Also the indicator per deg scale.
  • Also, draws buy/sell signals on the chart with alerts. (Subject to consider with market price actions)
  • The indicator has custom timing option with which user can apply this indicator for the different trading session according to their choice.

Best usage: 1 Minute to 15M chart. (for scalping to day trading)

Instruments: All instruments including FX pairs, metals, and indices. Simply adjust the scale accordingly.

Scaling Example for all types of instruments:

  • Scale Input 1.00 means 1 Degree = 0.01 Cent or 1 Pip
  • Scale Input 10.00 means 1 Degree = 0.10 Cent or 10 Pips
  • Scale Input 100.00 means 1 Degree = $1 or 100 Pips

Indicator Input Parameters
Select Coordinates ( Heliocentric / Geocentric)
Select Zodiac (Tropical / Sidereal)
Input Scale (Minimum 0.01)
History Bar (0 for current day) It is for backtesting past data on live chart.

Custom Timing for Non-FX instruments:Timing for Non-FX instruments = Yes/False

  • Input Instrument Opening Hour (0-24)
  • Input Instrument Opening Minute (0-59)
  • Input Instrument Closing Hour (0-24)
  • Input Instrument Closing Minute (0-59)

Price Alert Settings:

  • Show Alert = True/False
  • Send Email Alert = True/False
  • Send Push Messages = True / False
  • Gap Between Signals = 30 Mins(default)

Note! It shows all kind planetary lines price alert which is placed on the current chart.

Planetary Line Settings:

Custom Indicator Name
Planetary Line Style, Width.
Show All Planets = True/ False
Select Individual Planets to show planetary lines.
Select Individual Planetary line colors
Moon Aspect Lines Colors, Style, Width

Dashboard Settings:

Show Text Dashboard (True/False)
X axis position
Y axis position
Text Dashboard Color Settings
Planetary Average Line Settings:

Show Planetary Average Lines = True/ False
Planetary Average Lines Color, Style, Width
Hora Line Settings:

Show Hora Lines = True/False
Hora Lines Custom Timing True/False
Hora line style, width
Custom Selection of Planetary hora lines for individual planets

Planetary Aspect Price Line Settings:

Select Planet
Aspect Price Line Style & Width
Select Aspect Type (Semi-square, Sextile, Square, Trine, Opposition)
Add Another Aspect Line:

Select Planet
Select Aspect Type & Color
Back Testing Efficiency:

In History Bar default is 0 for current day but you can check past days market action with this indicator by changing the history bar value like 1, 2, 3 … etc. in live market.

View Manual

Metatrader 4 Version
Maximum activation for 5 Devices
Applicable for all instruments


Metatrader 5 Version
Maximum activation for 5 Devices
Applicable for all instruments


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