An indicator is an essential part of the technical analysis for the forex market. All of our indicators are auto-updated time to time for professional forex traders. Use metatrader indicators for day trading

WD Gann Pivot Indicator

Gann Intraday Pivot

Indicator which almost accurately predict intraday top bottoms with daily pivot points, support & resistance levels.


IQ Financial Astrology Planetary Line

Financial Astrology Planetary Line

Indicator converts planetary co ordinates to price level along with planetary aspects & timing.


Trend dashboard indicator multiple currency

Trend Dashboard

The indicator shows multiple indicators, oscillator’s signal for multiple currencies one at a time with an alert.


Risk reward ratio indicator

Risk Reward Ratio

The indicator shows individual & total trades risk, reward & locked profit value along with risk-reward ratio & alert.


IQ Trend Dashboard Multiple Time Frame

Trend Dashboard Multiple Time Frame

The indicator shows 15+ trend indicator signals for multiple currencies, instruments, indices across multiple time frames.


IQ Currency correlation table

IQ Currency Correlation

The indicator shows the currency correlation coefficient table for multiple forex pairs, even works stock, CFDs, metal.


ATR dashboard average true range value

ATR Dashboard

The indicator shows ATR value for multiple currencies, instruments, indices across multiple time frames.


Trade duration metatrader

Trade Duration

The indicator shows how long a trade is running, shows time in days, hours, minutes & seconds.