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Users can change indicator signal input parameters according to their choice. For example, a user can change the correlation period. By default is 20. This means it will count in correlation with the last 20 candlesticks or bars.

Users can also change the size of the dashboard from standard to large for bigger monitors.


Forex Currency Correlation Indicator Input Settings
Forex Currency Correlation Indicator Input Settings

Users can change the timeframe from the timeframe dropdown list of the dashboard. The indicator will automatically be updated with the new timeframe data after a new chart tick.

Users can also change symbols from the dropdown list.

Note: The indicator shows symbols from the Market Watch list. So if you need to add new symbols then add them first on market watch. After then remove the indicator from the chart and then re-insert it on the chart again to view the new symbol in the dropdown list.

IQ Currency Correlation Dashbaord
Forex Currency Correlator Dashboard

Do not add multiple indicators on the same chart. Keep one dashboard per chart.

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