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IQ currency correlation table

IQ Currency Correlation

Metatrader Indicator


How it helps?

Shows multiple currency pairs correlation coefficient in a tabular form.

100% fully responsive table, fits at any screen size, with full customization, can move the table anywhere in the chart.

User can edit currency pairs, edit, add, remove different currency pairs.

Multiple table can be added on the same chart (add custom name).

Purchase includes

  • Access to the indicator

  • Auto software upgrade

  • Free web manual

  • Maximum activation for 5 devices

  • Life time technical support


Current Version :


Updated :

5th Jul 2020

Published :

17th Feb 2020

Operating System :

Windows 7/8/10


Timeframe :


Trading Style :


Traded on :


IQ Currency Correlation Table - Metatrader #ForexIndicator
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Last updated on 22nd feb, 2022

Currency correlation table to track the most positive and most negative currency correlation coefficient value in one display with multiple forex currency pairs.

Change indicator settings

Users can change indicator signal input parameters according to their choice. For example, a user can change the correlation period. By default is 20. Means it will count correlation with last 20 candlesticks or bar.

IQ currency correlation indicator input settings
IQ currency correlation indicator input settings

Change indicator display

Users can change indicator panel display size by changing the height and width. Also can move the indicator panel anywhere around the chart by changing the x-axis and y-axis position. Instead of using default color can use any custom colors according to their choice. Not to mention signal or arrow colors.

To fit into a bigger screen size, the user can change the indicator font size accordingly.

Metatrader indicator display
Indicator display settings

Multiple Dashboard

Users can place multiple dashboards on the same chart to observe more than 7 symbols on at time. To accomplish this, first users need to add different “custom indicator” names in the indicator “input” tab for each instance. Also, we need to change indicator position by changing the x-axis and y-axis value, otherwise, all indicators will get overlapped with each other.

custom indicator name
Custom indicator name

Change timeframe

Users can change the time frame of the currency correlation table by clicking at the top right of the small icon. It will open the time frame menu. Then click on any timeframe, the indicator will automatically be updated with the new timeframe data after a new chart tick.

currency correlation time frame
Changing time frame of the indicator

Change symbol

By default there are 7 major forex currency pairs are included. But the user can change it anytime. from the indicator “input” tab.

Prefix & Suffix:

If your broker has prefix or suffix before symbol. Then you can add it here manually. Then in the symbol setup just add the symbols only.

If the symbol name is md-EURUSD. Then add “md-” in the prefix field.

If symbol name is EURUSD-md. Then add “md-” in the suffix field.

In the symbol field only add “EURUSD”

Change currency symbol
Change indicator symbol or currency pairs


Demo version installed, after renting product not working on MetaTrader 4

Please remove the indicator & restart the MetaTrader platform, then reinstall the indicator to make it work. If it still doest work. Then open a ticket at the MetaQuotes support center.

How to edit indicator input parameters?
After adding the indicator right click on the chart. Then click on the “Indicator list” to open a list of indicators. From there select the indicator and at the right side of the column, click on the “edit” button. It will open a custom indicator settings window. From there select indicator “input” tab to open indicator input section.

open indicator input parameters
open indicator input parameters

How to backtest the indicator?
You can refer to our indicator video for more detail & visual guide. You can test this indicator with metatrader strategy tester.

First, open your broker MetaTrader software, then press control + R to open the strategy tester. In strategy tester only important thing you need to remember, that MetaTrader allows backtesting using one instrument or currency pair one at a time.

For this reason, in indicator settings, you need to remove all forex currency pairs & then add only one. The one you are using for backtesting.

What is maximum activation means?
It means maximum for how many devices you can use this indicator under your current license. If maximum activation is 5, that means if you rent it for one month, under that license you can use this indicator on 5 devices maximum.

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