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Current Version : 1.5
Updated : 26th Feb, 2018
Published : 26th May, 2017
Operating System : Windows 7/8/10

How to purchase

You can purchase or rent this indicator from mql5 site directly.

What it does?

It shows monetary value of each of your trading position and also the gross total value of the portfolio.

What it does not?

It does not provide any buy sell signal.

Risk Reward Ratio Indicator

Metatrader Indicator

An excellent tool to measure how much your trade worth, how much you can expected to lose out of your all active trades.

Top 6 features:

  • Monetary Value of Trades

    shows risk & reward value with ratio

  • All types of trades

    Calculates value for all active, pending & total orders

  • Active Risk

    works for orders with no stop loss or take profit

  • Trailed Position Value

    shows locked profit value

  • Perfect Calculation

    includes commission charges, swap charges

  • Email Alert System

    3 types of account balance alert

Time Frame

Any time frame

Trading Style

Anything from scalping to position trading

Traded on

All types of trading instrument, including forex pairs, commodity market, metal & indices.

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