Multi currency pair trend dashboard

SFX Multi Pair Trend Dashboard

Metatrader Indicator

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How it helps?

Never miss a trade as you can scan signal among multiple currency pairs one at time.

Forex is not the only limit, it can be used on any instruments that MetaTrader supports.

Covers all major trend signals & oscillators.

Does not require to watch the chart all day, it has email alerts, push notifications to save your time.

Last Updated: 14th Apr 2020

Current Version: 1.26

TimeFrame: all

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List of available signals:

List of available alert signals:

  • Price below alligator
  • Price above alligator
  • Price inside alligator
Bollinger Bands
  • Bollinger band bullish breakout
  • Bollinger band bearish breakout
  • Bollinger band bullish
  • Bollinger band bearish
Stochastic Oscillator
  • Stochastic overbought
  • Stochastic oversold
  • Price above upper envelope
  • Price below lower envelope
  • Price inside envelope
Moving Average Crossover
  • MA bullish cross
  • MA bearish cross
Bar or Candlestick Breakout
  • Breaking bar high
  • Breaking bar low
Parabolic SAR
  • SAR bullish
  • SAR bearish
Ichimoku kinko hyo
  • Ichimoku below cloud
  • Ichimoku above cloud
  • Ichimoku price inside cloud
  • Ichimoku price above Tenkan Sen
  • Ichimoku price below Tenkan Sen
  • ichimoku price equal Tenkan Sen
  • Ichimoku price above Kijun Sen
  • Ichimoku price below Kijun Sen
  • ichimoku price equal Kijun Sen
Commodity Channel Index
  • CCI > 100
  • CCI < 0
  • CCI between 0 to 100
RSI Divergence
  • RSI classic bullish divergence
  • RSI classic bearish divergence
  • RSI hidden bullish divergence
  • RSI hidden bearish divergence
  • MACD signal bullish
  • MACD signal bearish
  • MACD above signal
  • MACD below signal
  • MACD equal signal
  • RSI overbought
  • RSI oversold
  • Price changes above 100%
  • Price changes below 100%
  • ADX bearish
  • ADX bullish
  • ADX strong bullish
  • ADX strong bearish
  • Fractal up
  • Fractal down
  • Show in pips
  • Show in points

Alert System

This is the most important part of this indicator. A useful feature for busy forex traders to be on market at the right time. The indicator has two alert options per indicator on the chart.

  • Alert 1
  • Alert 2

A user can choose any one alert (Single) or two alerts altogether (Combine).

mt4 indicators
sfx multi pair trend dashboard alert system

How Single or Combine alert works?

If you choose only one alert, either alert 1 or alert 2, then you will receive one single indicator selected alert. For example, if you want to get an alert when among all currency pairs, the price is above the Ichimoku cloud.

If you choose alert 1 & alert 2 both, then you will receive combine selected indicators alert. For example, if you want to get an alert when the price is above Ichimoku cloud & Bollinger band is bullish.

What is Alert Gap or Frequency?

It is the time gap between two alerts. Suppose if you choose Bollinger Band Bullish Breakout Alert with the gap of 30 minutes & you are running this indicator for minute chart settings. Then after getting an alert on EURUSD, next alert you will get 30 minutes later.

Input Parameters

The indicator has lots of customization options available.

Multiple dashboard on same chart

Using multiple dashboards on the same chart enables users to track more than 15 instruments (default) one at a time on the same screen. For this user need to add "custom indicator name" then add multiple indicators on the same chart, just with different indicator names.

adding custom name

Check below three dashboard added on the same chart. One for EURO pairs, one for GBP pairs & one for USD pairs.

Single instrument signal

The indicator has a feature where users can choose to show a trend signal one for a single pair which is currently active on the Metatrader 4 chart easily.

for single currency pairs

Changing Timeframe

Now changing timeframe is can be done by clicking on the same icon at the right top, which opens a timeframe menu.

time frame menu

Change Indicator Signal

User can change indicator signal or oscillator signal from the input field. By default 8 slot available per dashboard.

changing indicator signal forex


You can also change indicator default parameters according to your choice.

CLICK HERE for all general indicator related FAQ

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