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Highest forex rebate for FP Markets

FP Markets rebate

Forex rebate up to $5.25 per standard lot

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Does not supports forex traders from UNITED STATES

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Frequency: daily

Rebate on: Trading Volume

Regulated by: ASIC, CySec

Eligible Accounts

  • Raw
  • Standard


Available for existing accounts

No Crypto rebate

FP Markets Rebate/Cashback Rate

See all available forex rebate rate for different types of forex trading, CFD, stock trading account supported by FP Markets .

Select FP Markets Account Type

Notice:Rebate rates are subjected to change as per FP Markets updated terms & market conditions.

Note: The above table displays approximate rebate values for various standard symbols. Other FP Markets symbols are also available for rebates.

Rebate Level: Rebate levels are automatic, get calculated based on your last 30 days' total rebate earnings. It is subjected to get change from time to time based on your trading volume. Learn more about rebate level here

VIP Trader: Kindly contact us for the latest available rebate rates of the individiual trading assets or forex pairs before placing large volume trades.

Cent Account: On cent account types actual rate will be, per standard lots rates x 1/100 USD.

Withdraw rebate by:

Method: skrill

Minimum amount: 1.00

Fees: 3% or min 0.70 USD

Method: perfect money

Minimum amount: 1.00

Fees: 2%

Rebate paid for

Forex, Metal

Rebate Eligibility:

  • Churning is prohibited by most of the brokers. If you are planning to trade only to generate rebate. Then please contact us before. Otherwise, the broker might suspend the commissions, hence the rebate.

FP Markets
Estimate how much FX rebate you can earn

Select forex lot size, broker acount type and enter trades per day to calculate your possible rebate earnings.

Earn FP Markets Rebate

* Calculator displays approximate rebate values.

Forex Broker Full Name:

First Prudential Markets Pty Ltd (2005)

Broker Address:

First Prudential Markets Pty Ltd Level 5, Exchange House 10 Bridge St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Why trade with FP Markets ?

  • Social Trading
  • VPS

Minimum Deposit:


Payment Methods:

Skrill, Bank Wire, Perfect Money, Visa, Master Card, Neteller, Broker Transfer, FasaPay, PayTrust, Asia and Latam Payments, Zotapay, Bitcoin

Money Safety:

What is FP Markets trading insurance?

If in case your forex broker get bankrupt, then based on the forex regulation, your broker is liable to pay you the money from your trading account before closing down the company. For example, if a forex broker has $50,000 trade insurance per client, that means, if you deposit $45,000 with them, your money is safe from brokerage bankruptcy.

(20,000 euro)

Negative Balance Protection

What is FP Markets Negative Balance Protection?

In Forex trading, spread betting if your trade goes into a loss mode & your current loss trade position crosses your account equity or balance. Then your account will show in negative balance. With negative balance protection scheme, broker will reset your account balance into zero after such incident. This way you do not need to pay anything extra after losses to get back to zero position.

Ban countries:

United states of America, USA, New Zealand, Japan

Trade type:

Hedging Allowed

What is FP Markets hedging?

Hedging is a one type of trading method, where a trader opens two trades on the same instrument in different direction. For example, if you sell EURUSD & you buy EURUSD together.

Scalping Allowed

What is FP Markets scalping?

This a short term trading method, where a trader open & closes trade under 1-2 minutes or less.

Trade execution:

  • Trade Execution
  • What is FP Markets trade execution type?

    This indicates with which technology your trade will get executed, trade order will get processed, how you will receive pricing for your trade via broker from the bank, the forex liquidity provider.

  • Spread floating
  • What is FP Markets spread?

    In forex, the difference between ASK and BID is called spread. It represents brokerage service costs. In forex trading it get denoted as pips or points.

  • Max Leverage 500:1
  • What is FP Markets leverage?

    Forex leverage means borrowing a certain amount of money from the brokerage in order to execute large volume trades than your available account balance & margin. Leverage 1:100 means you will can trade 100x value of trade on margin with your account balance. If trading 1 lot with EURUSD in normal condition (1:1 leverage) requires having $1,16,890 account balance. Then with 1:100 leverage for the same value trade you only need to have $1168.90 in your trading account.

Account type:

Islamic Account / Swap Free Account

PAMM / RAMM / MAM / Copy Trading

What is FP Markets copytrading / PAMM?

With copytrading facilities traders can follow other successful trades and copy their trades directly into their trading account with any custom trade volume.

PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module, is a type of forex trading account where an investor can invest in your trading performance. A pool of investors fund for you to trade. You will earn commission for your performance. The investor will invest in your trading account & earn profit shared by you.

Trading platform:

  • Metatrader 4
  • Metatrader 5

Customer support language:


What are FP Markets rebates you ask?

We won’t disappoint you by beating around the bush and by not clearing your doubts like other unfaithful competitors.

Say, a trader creates a forex trading account with our partner forex broker link or adds us as their introducing broker on their existing account. When they trade, they generate commission on each eligible trades, which we pay you back as a rebate with a maximum commission of shares up to 87.5%!

Unlike other competitors, we provide a transparent commission share percentage which you can always verify with the broker anytime.

Will my FP Markets Markets spreads increase?

As other rebate providers say, your spread will increase. No, they will not. We do not make fake promises. Your spread will stay the same.Financial markets are always volatile and spread depends on the market situation and it varies from broker to broker.

Note: ‘Market maker broker’ has a fixed spread, ECN brokers have variable spreads. Just to get a good review, we don’t brainwash our clients as we are traders too. But with FP Markets ’s rebate, we can promise to keep your spread lower with our rebate service! We would never cheat our clients like other scam forex rebate providers do.

Is FP Markets rebate profitable in trading?

Absolutely! Even though the transactional cost is a crucial factor to all traders, it is worth trying to earn the profit that you desire. Lower spread and commission costs will surely help you expand your profit since we pay forex rebates on both successful and unsuccessful trades, which also includes hedge trades.

We all know rebates add value to all kinds of traders' portfolios, starting from intraday traders to position traders, VIP traders, hedge fund managers having any trading skill and winning percentage.

Which FP Markets forex rebate is the best?

Our forex business model strategy is based on honesty. We don’t deceive our clients as other competitors do by claiming to increase their forex rebate to compete better.

In our forex rebate program, you have the benefit of verifying the commission broker provides you, from the broker’s website and checking the fact.

Our clients can have full assurance without any fear of getting cheated. We assure you will receive the highest forex rebate possible in reality with the best potential rebate platform and well-trained customer service that others can’t provide.

Perks of working via 'Forex Rebate Provider' v/s working directly with FP Markets !

You won’t receive any rebate or cashback on working directly with just any popular forex broker. If you register using our forex rebate platform, become our referral, or even if you make us your introducing broker, you have the chance to earn a lucrative rebate.

We don’t cheat our clients like others who have no interest in solving doubts but make fake promises just to confuse and convince you to trade with them.

Of course, there are a few reputed Forex brokers like ours who pay a share of profit to their affiliates. This has a few benefits:

  • Increases their brand value and popularity in the forex market among traders and investors.
  • Improves search engine visibility as per their corporate marketing policy.
  • Let's you earn more with our forex rebate service.

Genuine forex companies never stop promoting their services. Trading with them can always make you earn extra for unlimited time, which is beneficial in the long run.

Can we trust FP Markets with your rebate service?

Always dealing with quality forex brokers, having transparency with clients' money and trading transactions help in a better grasp of our commission structure. This directly helps you earn a rebate with transparency.

Disclaimer: Traders are always advised to verify FP Markets brokerage service with their needs with a smaller deposit initially. Proceed with a full course of trading only when satisfied. Read our full risk disclosure here.

Do not know how to trade forex?

Check our free online forex trading courses. Beginners guide.

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