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Top benefits of promoting IntraQuotes

Do you run any forex rebate comparison sites? Are you a financial webmaster, or fund manager? Then promote Intraquotes forex rebate service will give you a lifetime earning potential from your visitors & clients.



Highest Referral Program

Earn upto 35% revenue share for a lifetime from your referred forex traders cashback rebate earnings. No limit on earnings!

Tire 2 Referral Commission

Earn referral commission not only from your directly promote referrals but also if they someone, you will earn 2% commission from your downline.

Smart Referral Trcking System

You can track your referrals commissions, all levels referrals, 15 days total affiliate earnings & hit records in real time. All statistical data to promote forex cashback service better.


How Referral Revenue Share Works?

If you refer to a friend, then you will receive 30% of the commission which got generated by your friend for us. If your friend refers to other two friends. Then you will also receive 2% of those two friends commission generated for us as level 2 referral earnings.

IntraQuotes Referral Program, affiliate.

Referral Earning Table

Affiliate commissions are performance based. Means if you promote or refer good quality trader you will earn higher VIP commissions without any limit. If you promote VIP traders with trade in larger volume, you will earn more money. Commission percentage depends on your last 15 days total affiliate commission earning. It can change based on your performance.

Commission Rate Total Affiliate Earnings
(For last 30 days)
15% $0-$3500
35% above $3500

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Estimate how much FX referral commission you can earn

Select forex lot size, enter trade per day & rate per standard lot to calculate your possible cashback earnings.

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Monthly Earnings:

Yearly Earnings:

Considering 21 trading days per month


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