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Zerodha Coin Review : A Must Read Before Investing In Mutual Funds

Zerodha Coin Review: Zerodha is a SEBI regulated India’s top discounted stock brokerage services, where you can trade stocks, option derivatives & buy mutual funds at very low commissions.  Zerodha brokerage charges are Rs. 20 or less. For Intraday Equity it almost zero. Previously we all buying mutual fund bears some cost from brokerage side. Generally, an investor with low capital such high brokerage charges can eat up their profit. But now no more. With zerodha coin platform, you can buy mutual fund more efficiently & with low cost direct investment.

What is Zerodha Coin?

Zerodha coin is a mutual fund trading platform where an investor can buy & sell mutual fund with low costing, online hassle free. Also, the user can view, compare & calculate mutual fund returns from all available mutual funds listings. Investors can directly invest in mutual funds with zerodha coin. Additionally directly can invest in SIP.

Zerodha Coin Charges, Mutual Fund Commision Charges:

With Coin platform you can buy direct funds and pay 0% commissions!

Trader / Investor can invest up to Rs. 25,000 FREE. No cost required, flat Rs. 50 per month thereafter. Thus a person with low income can also invest in mutual fund up to Rs. 25,000 without bearing any per monthly commissions.

Basic Government charges: CAGR of 15%. Expense ratio for Regular: 2.52% Direct: 1.27%

How to Invest in mutual funds Online?

Open Zerodha Coin online platform from here. Then search for any preferred mutual fund form search box, zerodha covers more than 2000 commission free mutual funds. Also, you can choose zerodha selected top return mutual fund. In this example below, we have chosen Kotak Select Focus Fund – Direct Plan – Growth.

zerodha coin review

The picture above you can see this fund is in a good uptrend. For SIP of Rs. 5000 per investment in this mutual fund for 25 years investor can expect 15% return & save Rs. 28.86 Lakh rupees. Total investment value after 25 years will be 1.45 Crores with direct & with regular it will be 1.21 Crores. But expense ratio is higher in case of Regular 1.97%.

For those of you who are confused what is regular? Then Regular is mutual fund investment though agent, not direct.

Mutual Fund Returns:

Above illustration, the return is 72.26% absolute profit on investment.

zerodha coin mutual funds investment

Total invested 3 lakh rupees in 25 years with Rs. 5000 per month SIP under total 60 installments. Net profit, above Rs. 2 lakh.

Selecting Which Mutual Fund To Invest:

Remember mutual fund is subjected to market risk, so your return might fluctuate based on the market movement. Its always better to know about our fund. What market instrument it uses & knowing the current trend for those market instruments can help to decide which mutual fund to invest & when to invest. For example, if you see bank stocks are rising or bank nifty in a good uptrend, then its better to invest in a mutual which covers all banks shares. Hope that helps!

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