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Trade Zerodha with NIFTY 50 Stocks. Daily buy sell trade levels with WD Gann Pivot points. Online Trading with Zerodha brokerage & lowest broker charges.

What is NIFTY?

Nifty 50 is an index of National stock exchange of India, commonly known as NSE. It includes top large capital stocks from Indian equity market.

Nifty 50 Stocks Trade Signals:

trade nifty

When Does The Pivot Table Get Updated?

Table Quotation get updated manually on each trading day, Monday To Friday Within 10:00AM to 11:30AM IST(Indian Standard Time)

How nifty shares get selected?

We choose top 3 gainer & losers nifty shares for the day based on NSE(National Stock Exchange) listing. Along with 2 major indices NIFTY & BANKNIFTY

What are Pivot Levels or Pivot Points?

Pivot levels are the pivotal points of the stock market. An area where the market reacts creates tops or bottoms. This can be used for breakout trading also. An important factor in the day trading technical analysis.

What is Buy & Sell Level?

Buy level is the area where potential buy trade can be placed. Sell area is the area where potential sell trade can be placed. Based on technical analysis, Buy area here is the basically the support level of WD Gann Intraday Pivot Indicator & Sell area is the resistance level.
For the better understanding of the trader, we have termed them in such way.

Please note, as the buy level & sell level is the traditional support & resistance level. Thus, sometimes market breaks the buy level & move towards to next buy level. Vice versa for sell level. You need to analyze other technical analysis along with these trade levels.

How To Use This Table?

In this table, the stock updated date is the day on which you need to use this support & resistance level on the intraday chart.

For example, Pick any Indian stock which is listed on the National stock exchange(NSE) & also listed with NIFTY 50 Top Large-Cap Companies for your trading analysis. Mark its Support & Resistance levels on the intraday chart & trade Breakout or reversal with it. Mostly the daily tops & bottoms get formed around these pivot levels.

More details can be found in Indicator Manual

Risk Disclosure:

These trade levels are not any trade signals, it is publicly provided for the educational purpose. Hence you are advised to take proper risk measure while trading with these levels. Please read our Risk Disclosure here.

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