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Assisting traders reach their target since 2009. Helping our clients in envisaging a successful path for long term victory in trading.

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One can get ever-advancing and upgrading technical analysis with MetaTrader indicators already used by 25000+ traders worldwide.

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We find the edge of intraday trading & possibilities for long-term trading success. Thus we provide extensive research works on trading matters with premium & the advanced level of intraday analytical tools. Indicators which put traders to the next level.  Our products work with the most popular trading platform, Metatrader. The site is furnished with lots of high-quality day trading resources available free for all types of traders, beginners to experts. Moreover, our trading cashback rebate service provides up to 87.5% cashback rebate per lot with leading forex brokers across the globe.

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IntraQuotes started in 2009 as a small financial blog titled ‘somsrifx.blogspot.com’. The site gained popularity instantly with binary options trading and currency market analysis.

In 2017, to improve the quality of service, we have decided to upgrade our website to this new address.
Behind IntraQuotes, there is a dedicated, committed, and strong-willed founder along with our incomparable experienced team. We are excited to have you here. Our skilled team strives to deliver you the best support and experience for your financial trading venture

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Somsri Sarkar Head, Founder

Entrepreneur, Full Stack Software Developer, Financial Market Analyst, Retail trader

A self-motivated, dedicated high-end financial programmer, started coding in high school back in 2009. Had ‘coding in blood and vein’ ever since. Falling in love with financial programming at an early stage of life and overcoming all the criticism, difficulties and negativity to achieve excellence is only just the beginning of the journey. Still in the process of becoming.
Spends 20K live intraday trading hours with Global trading forums and teams, swimming in the ocean of the global financial market.

Education: A science graduate, MBA (Finance), OCA (Oracle certified associate).

Belief: Always a learner. Believes that knowledge is the greatest treasure among all.

Hobby: Passionate Guitarist and Jr. Martial artist who loves sunny days.

Favourite Quotations:
‘All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.’ -Walt Disney.
‘Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe’ – Abraham Lincoln.

Monomita Mukherjee (M.Sc.)

Entrepreneur, Editor, Graphic Designer

Wildlife is a passion.

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