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Product (Indicator) FAQ


Our products (financial indicators) are made for MetaTrader trading software. Therefore you need to download the indicator directly from the MetaTrader official website (mql.com) or directly from the MetaTrader trading software “Marketplace” section.

Please refer to the video below which explained how to download the demo or free indicator. Also how to rent or subscribe to an indicator with payment.


After adding the indicator right click on the chart. Then click on the “Indicator list” to open a list of indicators. From there select the indicator and at the right side of the column, click on the “edit” button. It will open a custom indicator settings window. From there select indicator “input” tab to open indicator input section.

open indicator input parameters
open indicator input parameters


Metatrader has an inbuild option where you can backtest any indicator with any time frame and any symbol one at a time.

This backtesting is done on the MetaTrader strategy tester. Press Control + R to open it. After that, choose symbol, indicator, timeframe, spread and lastly testing period to get started.

See the link below which explains, how you can backtest any indicator on the MetaTrader visually. Check its performance in a real-time environment with historical data.


Maximum activation denotes the maximum number of the device where you can use the indicator with your purchase. If maximum activation is 5 then with your purchase license, you can use the indicator on a maximum of 5 devices or computers, tablets, smartphones.

Maximum activation is only applicable to a paid product. Free product has no activation limit.

Only premium products are available to rent instead of buy. Users can rent or subscribe to product service.

This common issue arises because of the previously loaded demo version of the indicator or product. You can solve this issue with simple steps as stated below.

Please remove the indicator and restart the MetaTrader platform, then reinstall the indicator to make it work. If it still does not work. Then open a ticket at the MetaQuotes support center.

Individual product FAQ

Forex Rebates FAQ


Anyone who is above 18+ years old or 15+ years old under parental guidance can join.

We allow all resident members to join! But some brokers might not be. So before joining any specific brokerage service.

Please view the restricted country list.

No, user can have only one cashback account.
But can add multiple broker account with that one account.


If you register to a brokerage services through our links & become our referral then for each of your trading activity,
we will earn commission. Thus we share our commission up to 87.5% back to our referrals as cashback for their efforts.

Yes, you can directly join the brokerage service, but if you by joining through us will give reward you the cashback. In order to earn cashback you need to be our referral, then only we can share our revenue with you. If you join brokerage service directly then unfortunately you will not receive any cashback benefits.

Cashback gets calculated based on the trading volume by the trader himself/herself after paying the brokerage withdrawal charges. Every time we withdraw money from broker to pay you, we need to pay transaction cost, so cashback get calculated after the trasnaction cost for brokerage withdrawal. For different broker the monetary value of cashback rate changes. More details can be found on the respective brokerage page.

On all our partner forex broker page, we have mentioned “cashback eligible account type” list at the top. This means you will earn forex cashback rebate for those eligible account types only. So if you want to earn cashback for that selected broker daily, then please open a new account from the eligible account list.

You will earn cashback from selected brokerage for all direction, even if you lose a trade, you still make money from us.


Cashback level depends on the trader last 30 days cashback earnings. If a trader trade in large volume, therefore he/she will earn more cashback. Therefore for this effort, the trader will be automatically get entitled to higher cashback level based on his/her earnings in 30 days.

Last 30 days cashback earning depends on the trader total cashback earning from all of his/her added trading accounts with our partner broker. As long as trader stays in the higher cashback level. He/she will enjoy a higher percentage of commission share from us for all of this trading accounts with our partner brokers.

Cashback level gets automatically calculated based on your cashback earnings with IntraQuotes.

Cashback Level Percentage Share Cashback Earnings
Standard Bronze 50% $0
Standard Silver 56.25% Earned > $10
Standard Gold 62.5% Earned > $50
Standard Platinum 68.75% Earned > $250
VIP Silver 75% Earned > $500
VIP Gold 81.25% Earned > $1000
VIP Platinum 87.5% Earned > $2000

You will earn cashback from selected brokerage for all direction, even if you lose a trade, you still make money from us.

Tell us why you like us

Post your rating and review for IntraQuotes cashback service and earn +1% cashback boost for 30 days.


for 30 days

We will manually update the cashback level booster, upon meeting above conditions or you can email us after completing or meeting the above task conditions with proof.


Registering here is the first step, the second step is to add your real forex trading account to us. If you do not add any trading account to our database then you will not earn any cashback.

Your trading account should be registered under our affiliation. In order to do so, just join our partner brokers from any of our link on this site here. Forex Brokers

If you have registered already with our link then skip this part just add your brokerage account to our site from your cashback account dashboard.

Else if you have registered to those brokers already before or not with our link. Then you request your broker to transfer your account’s affiliation to us and then add your trading account to our database for earning daily forex cashback rebate. More information on existing account can be found here

If your cashback level gets updated today with last 30 days earnings. Then you will receive rebate with updated cashback level from the next day, not today. Because cashback gets added with last day trading records. After today reaching higher cashback level, if you made a trade today, then that rebate will be effected on the next day with the new cashback level. Vice versa if cashback level gets decreased, it will be effected with the next day.

Today trading rebate will get updated on next day within 24 hours to maximum 72 hours, depending on market holidays. There can be some cases, where your trading commission gets held by the broker for verification, which could delay the cashback balance update.

Sometimes due to any kind of fraud, rebate hunting process by the trader can cause the cashback balance get declined. It completely depends on trader and broker goodwill. From our side, if we do not get any commission from your trading, then we can not pay you. It is that simple.

If such things happen, please contact us for a better explanation of your cashback status. Plus if you do not like the broker, you can always switch to other top brokers. We have plenty of them.

Sometimes broker does not pay commission for certain types of instruments, also does not pay for too short trades or any specific type of trades(i.e scalping, etc). Some broker also has cashback limit, where you can earn up to the maximum limit.

Broker trading conditions and commission structure changes from time to time. Majority broker does not provide access to the individual trades commission details. Therefore in some cases, we can not investigate further. For those cases, you need to contact the brokerage support directly.

If your trading commission gets suspended or canceled by the broker. Then that specific rebate will be removed from your cashback account. Commission suspension solely depends upon the broker. We can only pay cashback for the approved commissions.

If there is a public holiday for two days. Then after two days pending forex cashback will get added with the next days’ cashback.


According to our terms of services, we do not hold any liability for cashback user’s loss due to any conflict between partner broker and client. Therefore we always suggest cross-checking brokers rating before investing large money with them.

We always recommend opening a demo account or real account with a small deposit at first before investing big for your own safety. Then when you get comfortable and satisfied with the brokerage service, you can go for a bigger deposit.



Yes, unfortunately, every time you request for withdrawal, we have to pay fees multiple time in order to get the money for you from the brokers to different payment processors. Also, individual payment processor and banks have their own money transfer fees, currency conversion fees and fixed bank charges. That’s why we need to apply withdrawal fees on your withdrawal request.

*Available for 155 countries globally

Min payout: $1.00

Processing time: 1-3 business day (mostly within 24 hours)

Withdrawal fees: 3% or min GBP 0.43

Trading Account Transfer

*For non skrill supported countries

Min payout: $10.00

Processing time: 1-3 business day

Withdrawal fees: 3% or min GBP 0.43

*Get paid via UPI (India) direct bank transfer

Min payout: $5.00

Max payout: $1000

Processing time: 1-3 business day

Withdrawal fees: 2% or min $0.50

USD to INR conversion automatically done by Skrill with RBI rate.

When a user will have an active verified trading account with any broker and have more than zero balance, then a broker wallet is automatically get assigned to the user by the support.

A user can have multiple trading accounts from a broker and cashback earned from those multiple trading accounts will get stored into the specific broker’s wallet.

Each broker wallet has one associated trading account. So that the user can request to send his/her cashback to that associated trading account.

If the user has multiple trading accounts under the same broker, then support automatically chooses any one active verified account as an associated trading account. Therefore, all funds will be sent to that account if the user request for trading account transfer of cashback.


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hard refresh the page.
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If its still doesn’t work. Please send us a message about the bug. We will take care of it.

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