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Find all the frequently asked questions and answers on Forex rebates, Products, MetaTrader indicators.


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MetaTrader trading software uses our products (financial indicators). You can download the indicators in 2 ways –

  1. From the MetaTrader official website (, or,
  2. From the MetaTrader trading software “Marketplace” section.

Follow the given tutorial video. It also explains how to rent or subscribe to a paid indicator.

Once you add the indicator, follow the given steps:

  1. Right-click on the chart,
  2. Click on the 'Indicator list' to open a list of indicators
  3. Select the indicator,
  4. Click on the 'edit' button shown on the right side of the column,
  5. A custom indicator settings window will open
  6. Choose the indicator 'input' tab,
  7. The indicator input section will open.

MetaTrader has an inbuilt choice to backtest any indicator. It can backtest within a time frame
with any symbol one at a time. MetaTrader strategy tester carries out the backtesting.
Steps for backtesting:

  1. Press Control + R to open it,
  2. Select a symbol, indicator, time frame, spread, and a testing period to commence.

Follow our Youtube Tutorial video for more. It explains how to backtest any indicator on the MetaTrader.
You can check its performance in a real-time environment. Historical data will also be there.

Maximum activation portends the maximum number of devices where you can use the

Maximum activation = 5 means, usage is limited to a maximum of 5 devices (computers,
smartphones, etc).

Maximum activation applies only to a paid product. There is no activation limit on free

Monthly or yearly subscriptions apply to premium products only.

The previously loaded demo version of the indicator or product is the reason. You can
effortlessly solve this issue by following the simple steps given below:

  1. Kindly remove the indicator and restart the MetaTrader platform,
  2. Reinstall the indicator,
  3. If the issue persists, we request you to open a ticket at the MetaQuotes support center.

Forex Cashback

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Register to our brokerage services. Become our referral by using the provided links. For each of your eligible trading activities, we earn a commission. Get rebate benefits for your brilliant efforts. We share our commission of up to 87.5% with you.

Anyone above 18+ years old can join. Forex cashback service is not available to Afganistan, Bengladesh, India and Pakistan.

Luckily, you won't be needing multiple accounts. We provide a facility for users for this.

One can get a rebate from multiple forex brokers to one single account. (S)he can also add up to 100 trading accounts to a single account.

For private fund managers, kindly contact support to extend the limit.

Yes, you can do so. Unfortunately, you won't get any rebate benefits. But you can receive rebate benefits by registering to our brokerage services. So, be our referral to earn rebate benefits now!

Forex cashback gets calculated based on the following way:

  1. Trader trades by trading volume,
  2. Brokerage withdrawal charges get debited,
  3. Rebate gets calculated on the remaining trading volume balance.

This is because we pay transaction costs, every time money is withdrawn from a broker to pay a user. For different brokers, the monetary value of the rebate rate varies. Interested users can go through the respective brokerage page.

Open any cashback supporting forex brokers' page. 'Cashback eligible account type' is listed at the top. This indicates that you will earn forex cashback for those eligible account types only. If you wish to earn a rebate for that selected broker daily, kindly open a new account from the eligible account list.

Dear user, you sure will earn rebate from selected brokerages from all directions. Even if you lose a trade, you will still make money from us.

As per our terms of services, we do not hold any liability for rebate benefit user’s loss due to any dispute between partner broker and client. Hence we perpetually suggest cross-checking brokers' ratings before investing a considerable amount of money.

We always suggest opening a demo account or real account initially with a small deposit. Later, when you get comfortable and satisfied with the brokerage service, you can always go for a bigger deposit if you wish.

It is always better to be on the safe side.

General Questions

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Of course, you will receive a rebate per eligible trades that will reduce your cost per trade and will increase your trading profit.

To be precise, if you pay a $10 spread to a forex broker and also a $10 commission and receive a $9 rebate for that trade, then you have already saved 45% of the brokerage cost.

You will eventually save lots of money in the long run by using our forex cashback service. So don’t miss the chance to gain more profits from your overall trading. Additionally, you have the freedom to withdraw your forex cashback anytime via Skrill, Moneybooker, Perfect Money, Webmoney WMZ, Airtm, Bank wire transfer, Direct account forex cashback transfer.

As other forex brokers say, your spread will increase. No, they will not. We do not make fake
. Your spread will stay the same. Financial markets are always volatile and spread
depends on the market situation and it varies from broker to broker.

Note: ‘Market maker broker’ has a fixed spread, ECN brokers have variable spreads.
Just to get a good review, we don’t brainwash our clients as we are traders too. We would
never cheat our clients like other scam forex forex cashback providers do. We can arrange low
spreads for you for selected brokers for VIP traders, contact us.

A big yes! That way you can earn double rebates. One from our side, and the other from your
broker’s side. No additional charge is required. Simply open an online forex trading account with
our referral link and claim for a forex cashback from your broker’s side. You will get a rebate from our
side too. Additionally, a few brokers do provide loyalty points for trading, and along with that,
you can earn even more by receiving a rebate from our side!

Yes, absolutely! That’s the greatest advantage of using our rebate service. You can earn a rebate for all of your rebate-eligible trades, even if you lose money while trading you will still be earning rebates to recover your trading loss.
Our rebate always adds value to your trading portfolio and helps you to deal with market uncertainty.

Most of the forex brokers pay commissions on all assets, forex currency pairs, stocks, indices, metal trades including cryptocurrencies. Only a few famous forex brokers have minimum trade distance per trade for rebates. Some brokers even pay only on selected symbols.

Detailed information is available on the individual broker page about rebate eligibility criteria. Fake scammy competitors always refrain from explaining this clearly. Their sole intention is to hide information and cheat you. But we have full transparency as we want to help our clients and provide the best forex rebate service.

Our specialized team is always ready to guide our clients to achieve success and provide a painless and lucid structure of rebate service.

There are uncountable rebate service providers available online who claim to be paying the
highest rebate possible. But you will never get any clarification on how much you will earn in
real trading conditions. That’s how you will know that it is a scammy forex rebate service
provider. In reality, the earned profit amount will always be much lower than their promised
amount with such scammers.

But our team updates the valid and current rebate rate from time to time.
We would suggest a trader must verify the current rate with us before placing bulk trading.
We believe in the saying that Action speaks louder than words. You can always give our rebate
service a try and compare it with other competitors and verify which is more beneficial.

Existing Account

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I have registered with a broker already, but I want to transfer my account to receive a cashback, how do I do it?
Yes, it can be done effortlessly in 4 simple steps.

  1. Open a cashback account with us
  2. Add your existing account
  3. Follow the instruction to email your broker with our partner ID to transfer.
  4. Once the transfer completes from the broker side will verify your existing trading account for cashback.

Yes, it is safe.

We do not gain access to your personal trading fund. We solely transfer the rebate to your trading wallet internally via the partner broker platform.

Forex Cashback Level

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Forex cashback level depends on the trader's 30 days' cashback earnings. If you trade 1000 standard lot per month kindly contact us for VIP cashback.

We would love to hear from you!

  1. Tell us why you are interested to join us and indulge yourself in our services,
  2. Post your rating and review for our Forex rebate service,
  3. Earn a cashback bonus for 15 days.

The cashback level will get manually updated upon meeting the above-mentioned conditions.

Forex Cashback Time

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We pay rebate only during business hours.

added on
Monthly End of the month or beginning of the next month
Bi-Monthly 2nd or 3rd week, or middle of the month
Daily Next day, except for friday, if you traded on friday,
rebate will get added on monday.For binary, saturday, sunday trade's rebate will get added on monday.

* In certain cases, if rebate updates get delayed, then it will be added in the next cycle along with the current one.

NOTE: In certain specific situations, if the rebate update gets delayed, then don't worry! Our team will make sure that it gets credited in the next cycle along with your current one.

No, if there is a public holiday for two consecutive days. In such a case, after two days, the pending forex cashback will get credited with the next days’ rebate.

Depending on market holidays, within the next 24-72hrs, today's trading rebate will get updated.
Sometimes, the trading commission goes on hold by the broker for verification purposes, which may delay the rebate balance update. But nothing to worry about, the balance will get updated once the procedure gets over.

Cashback benefits or forex rebates are always credited manually.
It doesn't get updated automatically and instantly! If you trade and expect that your rebate will instantly get added, then kindly be patient for a few days before you notice the update.

Some forex brokers take at least 24-72hours to add the commission. Following that, there is a procedure of manual checking, verification. Then, finally, the amount will get credited to your rebate account. The same procedure applies for the rebate benefit user with an internal rebate transfer feature.

Cashback Account Related

Loader image

Dear user, registering is only the first step, the second step is to add your real forex trading account with us.

Not adding any trading account to our database will not earn you any rebate. Your trading account should be registered under our affiliation.
To do so, kindly join our partner brokers from any of our provided links on this site (if you have already registered with our link then ignore this part).

You need to add your brokerage account to our site from your rebate account dashboard.

If you have already registered with those brokers using our link, then kindly request your broker to transfer your account’s affiliation to us. Then add your trading account to our database for earning daily forex rebate rebate benefit.

More information on an existing account can be found login

Seldom brokers do not pay for the following reasons if:

  1. An instrument is of a certain type,
  2. The trade is too short,
  3. The trade is of a certain type (i.e scalping, etc).

Few brokers also have a rebate limit, letting you earn only up to the given/mentioned maximum limit. Brokers' trading conditions and commission structure varies from time to time. You can view these details on each individual broker's page.

The majority of brokers do not grant access to the individual trades commission details. In such cases, we can not investigate further. For additional clarification, please contact brokerage support directly.

Due to some fraudulent activities, the rebate hunting process by the trader can let the rebate balance get declined.

It completely depends on the trader and the broker's goodwill. If we do not get any commission from your trading, then we apologize, we can not pay you. If such conditions do arise, please contact us for a better interpretation of your rebate status.

In addition to that, if you do not like the broker, you can always switch to other top brokers. We have plenty of them.

A specific rebate amount gets extracted from your rebate account if your trading commission is either suspended or canceled by the broker.

Commission suspension solely depends upon the broker. We simply pay rebate for the authorized commissions.

Withdraw Cashback

Loader image

Place a withdrawal request from your Intraquotes cashback account. Your rebate will be transferred to your trading account directly. If you present the wrong account ID, we can not help you by refunding your account balance back. It will be lost forever.


  1. Zero transfer fees
  2. The listed forex broker accepts a wide range of withdrawal claims.
  3. Comparatively faster cashback payment methods.

A broker wallet automatically gets assigned to the user by the support provider when a user has an active verified trading account with any broker and has more than zero balance.

For a user having multiple trading accounts from a broker, the rebate earned from those multiple trading accounts automatically gets deposited into the specific broker’s wallet.

Each broker wallet has one associated trading account. This facilitates users' request to send his/her cashback to that associated trading account.

If the user has multiple trading accounts under the same broker, then the support provider automatically selects any one of the active verified accounts as an associated trading account. Accordingly, all funds are credited to that account if the user requests a trading account transfer of cashback.

We have two types of cashback transfers for your withdrawal.

  1. Automatic: Only for the supported broker, where once your trading account will get verified, you will start receiving cashback directly deposited to your trading account.
  2. Manual: Here cashback will be added to your IntraQuotes wallet and from there you can withdraw it to your trading account. It will be done manually by us.


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he website's old cached data and cookies interfere with website data. Thus, an updated function might not work properly.

To hard refresh the page on Google Chrome/Mozilla/IE, (s)he may follow the given step:
*Press Control + Shift + R.
If it still doesn’t work. We request you send us a message regarding the bug. We will take care of it as soon as possible.

Dear user, are you sure you have enabled your browser's cookies?
If not, then the website will not work correctly.

Also, your referral user must have enabled cookies on their browser while landing with your referral link, only then you will earn a proper hit.

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