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Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 21st May, 2024

Welcome to, a financial website operated by Tara International under the brand name Intraquotes. By accessing or using our website, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.

General Terms

  1. The services provided by this website are not available entirety in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Cuba, Somalia and others.
  2. For users in India, only SEBI-regulated brokers are promoted or mentioned. Intraquotes strictly adheres to RBI restrictions and does not promote any offshore forex brokers within Indian jurisdiction.

Terms for Cashback

  1. Only one user per cashback account is permitted. Multiple accounts or third-party accounts are not supported or entertained.
  2. Users must be over 18 years old to apply for a cashback account and claim cashback for trading.
  3. Intraquotes is not liable for any discrepancies or mismatches related to users’ trading account details, or any unlawful or suspicious activity. Intraquotes reserves the right to cancel the cashback, terminate the cashback account, decline cashback account verification, and refuse service to such individuals or entities.
  4. Users must provide their full name as mentioned in their ID when registering for a cashback account. To edit the cashback username, users must email supporting documents for verification. Failure to provide proper documents for name change verification grants Intraquotes the right to deny the request.
  5. Intraquotes has full control over how cashback data is displayed on the site and how long it is retained. Users cannot request data outside what is provided on the cashback site.
  6. If a user requests account deletion, Intraquotes will permanently remove the user’s data. Retrieval of deleted data will not be possible or allowed.
  7. Intraquotes has no control over broker’s automatic cashback transfers and is not liable for any losses incurred due to broker’s platform activities or users’ trading accounts.
  8. The cashback broker has final control over cashback rates, which may change at any given time based on brokerage commission rates.
  9. Intraquotes is not liable for any trading losses incurred by any user, as Intraquotes has no control over users’ trading accounts.
  10. Third-party accounts will immediately be removed and rejected for cashback services.
  11. Users are responsible for managing their own cashback accounts. Intraquotes is not liable for losses due to account security breaches, such as sharing passwords with third parties. Users may contact support to delete their accounts in such cases.
  12. Users are liable for any kind of losses if they fail to provide correct trading account details for cashback verification or to receive cashback on their trading accounts.
  13. Intraquotes is not liable if a broker fails to pay cashback to any user, as Intraquotes does not control the broker’s internal automatic cashback transfer system or trading platform.
  14. Users must comply with all brokers’ terms and conditions to receive cashback.
  15. If a cashback user is inactive for more than 45 days, where inactivity is defined as not logging in or not trading on the trading account for which they applied for cashback, the cashback account will be moved into an inactive state, stopping all cashback services. Users can contact support to reactivate the account. However, if the account remains inactive for 60 days and/or more, it will be permanently removed, and retrieval of such an account will not be possible. If a trader makes any trades during this inactive period, Intraquotes is not liable to pay cashback to the trading account of such a user.
  16. Intraquotes is not liable to pay any cashback on demo, contest, or any unsupported accounts for cashback. Users must include their supporting trading account type as mentioned on the website with a real trading account.
  17. Intraquotes is not liable to pay any cashback to any trading account which is not registered under Intraquotes as an Introducing Broker (IB) or affiliate. To earn cashback, users must open a trading account using Intraquotes’s referral link. The opened account must be under Intraquotes’s reference and must mention Intraquotes as the registered referral by the user for that trading account.
  18. For cashback users with existing trading accounts, the cashback user must transfer their existing Introducing Broker (IB) or affiliate to Intraquotes by contacting the broker from their side. Upon successful Introducing Broker (IB) or affiliate transfer, the cashback user can apply for cashback.
  19. All declined or rejected trading account details will be removed from the system after 30 days.

Terms for Indicators / Products

  1. Indicators/Products are sold by directly on their platform. Intraquotes receives a percentage of royalty as the product developer and has no authority or control over purchases or platform-related matters.
  2. Intraquotes can provide services to buyers only for bug-related issues of the indicator/product. Subscriptions, purchases, device restrictions, returns, and refunds are completely governed by and Intraquotes has no control over these.
  3. Intraquotes and the product/indicator developer have the final right to decide the functionality and design of the indicator/product.
  4. Buyers must check the product/indicator description page on before any purchase or rental. Intraquotes is not liable if buyers overlook any feature which is not included in the product/indicator and later claim for it. It is the buyer’s responsibility to read the product description and perform a demo check before purchasing.
  5. Intraquotes is not liable for any trading losses incurred using Intraquotes’s products/indicators. Buyers should read the full risk disclosure before purchasing/rent or use of the product/indicator. Buyers are responsible for their own trading losses and decisions and should trade responsibly with Intraquotes’s products/indicators.

Information on the Website/Social Media

  1. Intraquotes is not liable for any losses incurred by users based on information shown on this website or our brand social media accounts. Trading is subject to market risk, and it is recommended to read the full risk disclosure before engaging in any financial activity.
  2. The Intraquotes team has the final decision on how data is represented on their website, excluding any third-party applications or advertising banners.

Broker Mentioned/Promoted on Website/Social Media

  1. Brokers promoted on the website/social media are solely for advertising purposes. In some cases, brokers pay for advertisements or listings, and in other cases, brokers pay commissions for promotions. Therefore, Intraquotes is not liable for any losses incurred by traders with the promoted brokers. For security measures, Intraquotes allows advertising only top regulated brokers. Users/viewers are responsible for checking and verifying broker details mentioned on our website/social media before trading with them. Any losses incurred from trading with such brokers are not the responsibility of Intraquotes.
  2. If users/viewers cause any losses to brokerage companies, Intraquotes will not be liable. It is the brokerage company’s responsibility to validate users’ details before accepting them as clients.
  3. Since Intraquotes operates as a mediatory advertising platform, Intraquotes is not liable for any losses incurred by the trader or the brokerage company.
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