Privacy Policy

IntraQuotes / IntraQuotes Trading / IntraQuotes Cashback /  (referred as IntraQuotes from now) store user data only for user account security & user usage purpose.IntraQuotes doesn’t sell or share user data with 3rd party.

It is always advised to the user to keep their personal data protected on their side. Do not share it with other people. If such thing happens & user account get hacked & data get stolen by the hacker. Then it will be only the responsibility of the user. IntraQuotes shall not have any liability for such cases.

We gather and use certain information about individuals in order to provide products and services and to enable certain functions on this website.
We also collect information to better understand how visitors use this website and to present timely, relevant information to them.

What data do we gather?

  • We may collect the following information
  • Name, brokerage account number & brokerage account name in order to verify cashback account.
  • Contact information including email address.
  • Demographic information, IP Address for security.
  • Website usage data.
  • Other information relevant to client inquiries.
  • Other information pertaining to special offers and surveys or brokerage rating.

How we use this data:

Collecting this data helps us understand what you are looking from IntraQuotes, enabling us to deliver improved products and services.Specifically, we may use data:

Specifically, we may use data:

  • For our own internal records.
  • To improve the products and services we provide.
  • To contact you in response to a specific inquiry.