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What is CFD Trading?

CFD trading is a way of speculating on the price movements of various financial markets, such as stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices. CFD stands for contract for difference, which means that you trade the difference between the opening and closing prices of a market, without owning the underlying asset.

Top CFD Brokers:

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Benefits of CFD Trading?

  • You can trade on both rising and falling markets, meaning you can profit from both bullish and bearish scenarios.
  • You can access a wide range of markets from one platform, giving you more opportunities and diversification.
  • You can use leverage to trade with a small deposit and control a larger position, potentially magnifying your returns as well as your risks.
  • You can hedge your existing portfolio by opening a CFD position in the opposite direction of your physical investment, reducing your exposure to market fluctuations.

About Brokers

Guidance for traders seeking the appropriate broker is provided by the Brokers page, which has been designed for this purpose. The IntraQuotes team, who frequently research and monitor the data of the brokers listed, actively maintains the information on this page.

Broker features are categorized under two tabs: Company Details and Trading Conditions. The Company Details tab displays information such as broker regulation, office locations, awards, and more, while the Trading Conditions tab presents details like account types, minimum deposits, maximum leverage, platforms, available symbols, social trading options, VPS availability, and more. A search bar, placed at the top of the table, enhances the user experience by making it easier to find specific brokers.

All brokers listed on this page are regulated by strict regulatory agencies known for upholding fair dealing practices and maintaining stringent standards. Only brokers regulated by well-reputed and strict agencies are listed by IntraQuotes. However, it is important to understand that regulation does not serve as an absolute guarantee of a broker’s safety or fairness.

IntraQuotes provides unbiased reviews and comparisons of various brokers as an independent platform. The responsibility for decisions and actions taken when selecting and trading with any broker lies solely with the traders. Before proceeding, traders are advised to verify all information about the brokers listed here. IntraQuotes bears no liability for decisions made by traders based on the information on this page.

IntraQuotes is not a brokerage entity. Commissions are received by IntraQuotes only when clients register through IntraQuotes’ referral links.

Some brokers listed on this page may be sponsored. Sponsored listings are clearly labeled as such and may be given preferential placement. However, sponsorship does not influence the integrity of our reviews and comparisons.

If you wish to suggest any corrections or additions, kindly submit your feedback via the contact page.

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