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Note: Bonus terms & conditions are subject to change without any prior notice as per the broker's terms and conditions. IntraQuotes does not provide any bonus, IntraQuotes is not a broker. Bonus is provided by the above-listed partner brokers as per their terms and conditions.


The most demanding bonus type for newbies. Where the trader does not have to make any deposit for trading. Some initial funds will be provided by the broker itself for real-time trading. Traders can withdraw profit after trading certain lots or meeting certain conditions.

Some broker offers a welcome bonus to new clients one time only. Where users can trade and withdraw the profits by meeting certain requirements.

It can be one-time or can be recurring with each deposit. A forex trader will earn extra cash on your trading account after depositing a certain amount as per the broker's offer.

Here bonus can be work as an extra cushion for higher leverage. This bonus is meant only for trading and comes with a minimum amount of deposit. Once you earn profit from it, the equivalent bonus will get deducted from the trading account balance.
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