Day Trading Strategy

Intraday Trading

When a trader opens & closes trade within a day or within the stock exchange opening & closing time, then its called day trading. Means all of your opened trade get closed within the day, does not stay open until the next day; Daily to daily cash trade. With day trading, you do not have to pay any overnight swap charges. You can sleep peacefully without worrying about market gap which occurs usually at the start of the next day, especially on Monday or after any trading holidays.

day trading

Since the technological boom in 1997, day trading is widely popular among most of the trading firms & majority professional traders. The reason behind this, it can be operated within the office hours. Less risky than position trading. For active markets, day trading is a good option.

As we all know the forex market is a highly volatile market. Hence day trading is the best possible choice for pro traders, forex fund managers; institutional investors.

New inexperienced traders get highly excited about day trading as they are biased to get rich in one day. But in reality, day trading requires expertise & experience to get success in the long run. About day trading market timing is highly important.

Therefore, with our advance intraday/day trading indicators, you will be able to gauge the market possible supports & resistance level along with market turning times.

Find out our top day trading strategies, to enhance the quality of your trading. Join the disscusion and share your views.

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