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Gannalyst software, developed by Bill Veoten in 2000, gained popularity among W.D. Gann traders. Traders can utilize .csv, .pnr, or text files to upload data into the software for chart plotting. This software boasts a wide array of W.D. Gann indicators, all customizable with various scaling options.

Designed exclusively for the Windows operating system, Gannalyst enables users to load Metastock data or incorporate real-time Metastock data. However, it’s important to note that Metastock data is a paid service. Despite this, some traders continue to leverage the software for their long-term trade analysis needs. While Gannalyst can serve long-term trading well, day trading may prove challenging without real-time data feeds.

Gannalyst Professional Free Download:

Gannalyst Professional 5
Gannalyst Professional 5 fullscreen

The original website for Gannalyst Pro has expired, limiting access to the software to a few select sites. In response, we have chosen to share the software with the public, aiming to keep this valuable tool accessible for the foreseeable future. Gannalyst Pro can be downloaded free of charge from our cloud platform.

This software boasts a plethora of features, which can be explored in detail within the accompanying Tutorial PDF. One particularly useful feature is the “Training Mode,” where users can select specific dates, hide subsequent dates, and test their analytical skills.

This software boasts a plethora of features, which can be explored in detail within the accompanying Tutorial PDF. One particularly useful feature is the “Training Mode,” where users can select specific dates, hide subsequent dates, and test their analytical skills.

Download Link:

We do not hold the right for this software. Hence we do not provide any support for this software. This software is available in freeware.

Download Gannalysit Pro 5.0

Key Features of Gannalyst Pro:

In addition to other chart-drawing capabilities, Gannalyst Pro offers a training mode that proves invaluable for traders looking to practice using historical charts. By activating the “training mode,” traders can backtest using market data. This simulation enables traders to evaluate the accuracy of their trade decisions over a defined period.

Displaying Bitcoin (BTCUSD) Chart on Gannalyst:

To achieve this, begin by downloading the .csv file for Bitcoin. This file can be obtained from the Forex Metatrader 4 Platform, accessible after opening a demo account.

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Upon installing MetaTrader, log in with your details. From the symbol list, select Bitcoin (BTC/USD) in the market watch section.

Next, access the “Tools” option from the menu bar and choose “History Center.”

This will open the History Center, where you should select BTCUSD from the instrument list, choose the desired time frame, and click the download button to initiate the download.

bitcoin chart export
Downloading Bitcoin (BTCUSD) data from MetaTrader software “history center”

After the download completes, review the historical data. Click “Export” to save this data as a .csv file.

Should saving permission be restricted, save the file on your desktop and then copy it to the intended location.

Quick Tip:

Path is > This PC > Local Disk(C:) > Program Files(x86) > Gannalyst Professiona 50 > SampleData

Configuring CSV Data in Gannalyst:

Gannalyst Pro supports both CSV and .pnr-based data imports. Below, we outline the process of importing data from a .csv file to generate a chart in the software.

Setting Up the Excel File:

Configuration of the CSV data file is essential for chart creation. It can be a complex process due to the discrepancy between Metatrader date formats (e.g., “2018.01.11”) and Gannalyst’s format (e.g., “2018/01/11”). Excel can aid in reformatting these dates using the provided formula.

Quick Tip:


Leverage your Excel skills to configure the data and save the .csv file.

Setting Up Gannalyst Chart:

Create a new portfolio and select the .csv file from the “Data File” tab.

gannalyst CSV File loading
Importing data to Gannalyst Professional 5.0

Follow the steps outlined in the screenshot. Note the addition of an option after “date,” a result of the “Time” field present in the MetaTrader CSV file for hourly charts.

gannalyst select data field
Select the data field on the Gannalyst software

Select the appropriate date format for the time axis. Click “Test Data Read” to ensure proper data display. If successful, save the format.

gannalyst date format
Inputting the correct Gannalyst date format

Restart the software and click on the “BTCUSD60.csv” file in the data tab. Your chart will load.

Gannalyst Swing Chart
Gannalyst Pro BTCUSD Swing chart layout

In Conclusion:

Gannalyst usage demands the collection and importation of data into its chart system, a time-consuming task. Additionally, it lacks an automated data update feature. While MetaStock data can be used, live feeds require payment and complex implementation. The software offers fundamental WD Gann features, and its accuracy can only be verified through real-world testing in live market conditions.

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