Binary Options: The Power of Trading Higher and Lower

Binary options higher-lower trade offers significant profit potential through strategic approaches. Achieve returns from 23% to 350%, yet this method hinges on market volatility. Explore trade duration, barrier setup, and effective trading strategies.

Trade Duration and Barrier Setup

Choose between fixed expiry or time-based durations: ticks, seconds, minutes, hours, or days. Set barriers using positive or negative values. A “+” before the barrier means a value above the current price, while a “-” indicates below. For instance, with a barrier of +2.39 and a current price of 7130.10, opting for “higher” necessitates the market to remain between 7130.10 and 7102.39 during the trade.

Binary options higher lower trade
Binary Options Higher Lower Trade: Example 1

Symbol Selection and Strategy

Opt for highly volatile symbols. Avoid tick trades for higher-lower options. Implement an RSI (Relative Strength Index) oscillator for momentum analysis. Trade higher or lower only when RSI crosses above 50, adjusting barriers for better-winning odds. Analyze trends using indicators like rainbow moving averages.

Binary options changing symbol
Binary Options: Changing Symbols on Chart

Example: A Winning Trade

To trade higher & lower, you need to choose symbols that are highly volatile.

In the example below we have used 1 minute chart for 1 minute duration. Will not recommend using tick trade for the higher and lower types of Deriv binary trade.

For checking momentum we have added an oscillator indicator, RSI (Relative Strength Index) on the chart. We will be placed in higher or lower trade only when RSI will be at or crossing above 50. Always adjust the barrier to a lower value, so that the winning rate can increase. Also in order to understand the trend bullish or bearish, always use a trend indicator and study price action. In this example, we have added rainbow moving averages for determining trends.

binary options trading strategy higher lower
Binary Options Trading on 1 Minute Chart

Utilizing a 1-minute chart and RSI for momentum, we confirmed a bullish trend via rainbow moving averages. Placing a higher trade with a +1.00 barrier yielded a remarkable 164% ROI.

binary options trading strategy
Binary Options Trade Graph

Money management – Ending Notes:

Succeed with a fixed trade amount and steer clear of attempting recovery through unbalanced lot sizes. Explore comprehensive money management strategies to optimize your success potential.

Unlock the potential of higher-lower binary options trading. Boost profits, manage risks, and master winning strategies for sustained success.

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