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Master the Tick Trading Binary Options Strategy for Quick Wins

Tick Trade: The Rapid Path to Binary Options Gains

Discover the Tick Trading Binary Options Strategy, your shortcut to quick profits. Explore this powerful technique with simple price action and effective money management.

Binary options traders love Tick Trading for its speed. With, you can execute 5-tick and 10-tick trades. Ticks represent the tiniest price shifts—the building blocks of market prices.

What is the Binary Options Tick Trade Rise/Fall?

Bet on market instruments rising or falling in the next 5 or 10 ticks. Tick Trade thrives with binary options volatility indexes. Here’s an illustrative example.

Binary Options Rise Fall Trade
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Master the Binary Options Tick Trade Strategy

Verified over 100 trials, this strategy boasts a high success rate. No need for indicators—just understand candlestick and wave patterns. Concentrate on continuous and reversal candlestick patterns.

Crafting the Trading Chart Setup

Time Frame: 1 Minute chart.
Instruments: All types, avoid slow market times.
Timing: Enter trades at the start of a minute bar.

Chart Wave Patterns to Follow

Higher Highs & Higher Lows:

Indicates uptrends, ideal for Rise trades.

Lower Lows & Lower Highs:

Signals downtrends, perfect for Fall trades

Real Tick Trade Example

  • Instrument: Volatility 25 Index
  • Duration: 5 Ticks
  • Chart: 1 Minute
  • Indicators: Basic price action and Japanese candlestick patterns
Binary options trading candlestick chart price action
Japanese candlestick pattern – Shooting Star bearish

A bearish shooting star pattern formed in 1-minute chart, leading to a successful 5-tick Fall trade.

binary options tick trading rise fall
Won the trade!

We can see that we have won the trade, and the market moved straight down.

Crucial Trading Insight

Candlestick patterns alone aren’t enough. Validate directionality. Example: a bearish pattern in a bearish downtrend is valid.

Effective Money Management

Start small with Deriv (minimum trade: 1 USD). Never over-risk. Limit exposure to 3-5% of your capital. Explore more in our comprehensive money management guide.

Quick Tip:
Learn more about effective money management strategies. Why Risk only 2%

Avoid Over Trading:

One common pitfall in binary tick trading is when traders exceed their limits. Engaging in excessive trades can deplete your account within 30 minutes. However, adhering to specific rules can help you gradually grow your account over time.

After experiencing two consecutive losses, it’s advisable to halt trading and take a break.

Avoid trading the same currency pair or instrument consecutively. Opt for diversity in your trades.

Stay away from trading during slow market periods. Ignoring this guideline could result in numerous losses, given that prices tend to remain stagnant during such times.

Establish a daily trade limit; for instance, restrict yourself to 2-3 trades per day and consistently adhere to this limit.

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