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Utilize our advanced forex calculator to precisely gauge your potential profits or losses. By inputting your average winning percentage, the typical number of pips gained per successful trade, daily trade volume, the time frame for evaluation, average pips lost on unsuccessful trades, the value of each pip, and your current account balance, you can obtain a comprehensive analysis of your trading strategy’s projected performance. This single, powerful tool offers a strategic edge by enabling a detailed assessment of your trading approach.

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Average win%

Enter a value between 5 and 100.

Average winning pip per trade

Enter a value between 1 and 300.

Number of Trade Per Day

Enter a value between 1 and 100.

Number of days (max 100)

Enter a value between 1 and 100.

Average losing pip per trade

Enter a value between 1 and 300.

Per pip value($)

Enter a value between 0.01 and 50.

Account Balance ($)

Enter a value between 1 and 10000.

Risk Disclosure: Trading is subjected to market risk.

Maximizing Forex Trading Outcomes: A Guide to the Profit/Loss Calculator

Purpose: Designed for forex market day traders to estimate potential profits or losses.

Usage Instructions:

  • Enter your trading strategy’s average success rate.
  • Input the average pips earned per successful trade (e.g., 20 pips).
  • Record the daily number of trades performed.
  • Set the calculation period, up to a 100-day maximum.
  • Provide the average pips lost per unsuccessful trade (e.g., 10 pips).
  • Input the dollar value per pip.
  • State your current trading account balance.
  • Final Step: After inputting all required data, press the ‘calculate’ button to receive an estimate of your expected profit or loss for the chosen period.
  • Important Note: The calculator does not account for Forex Brokerage Commissions and Spreads.

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