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Trade Details

The indicator shows the last 5 active trades data in chronological order. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your copy today!

Alert System

Set up a custom alert for your account balance. You can choose any amount you want to be notified about. Receive the alert on your mobile phone as a push notification.

Dashboard Customization

Move the indicator dashboard anywhere on the chart, minimize it, restore it, and resize it according to your preference with just a single click. The indicator fully supports 4K monitors.

Change Indicator Size:

  • Default (SD)
  • 125% (HD)
  • 150% (Full HD)
  • 200% (4K)

Mobile Push Message:  True / False (Default)

Enter Compare Value: 100 (default)

Enter any number up to 2 decimal. By default, it’s been set at 100. If the account balance goes above or below 100, you will receive a notification on your mobile.

Account Balance: 

  • Greater Than (default)
  • Less Than

Users can select any option to compare the account balance.

As the indicator shows take profit, stop loss & trailed profit amount for 5 active trades, it’s very useful in scalping, day trading, and position trading to monitor the trade profit loss parameters and helps to make sound decisions.

To get mobile alerts from Metatrader Desktop:

Choose Tools -> Options from the Menu.

Click on the Notification Tab. Turn on Push notification. Enter your Metaquotes ID (You can see this ID in your mobile Metatrader app settings) and then press Test.

How to Do a Visual Backtest with Our Indicator:

Step 1: Download the entire history center database first. Press the shortcut key F2 to access the History Center.

Step 2: Click on the download button.

Step 3: After the download completes, close, and restart the MetaTrader.

Possible Issues with Backtesting:

Problem 1:

You see a message that says “Waiting for update” on the chart while backtesting.


This means that you don’t have enough data or a poor internet connection. To avoid this, download the full History Center data as explained above.

Problem 2:

Metatrader freezes during backtest.


This also happens because of insufficient data or a bad internet connection. Fix the internet connection before starting and follow the steps again.

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