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Gannalyst software was developed by Bill Veoten back in 2000. It was popular among gann traders. A trader can use .csv data, .pnr or text files to upload data into the software in order to plot chart. The software has almost all the available gann indicator which is customizable with different scale inputs. This software is for Windows operating system. The user can load metastock data or add real time metastock data with this software. But metastock data are not free, it is a paid data service. Nevertheless, some trader still uses the software for their long-term trade analysis. Day trading with this software is a bit difficult without real time data feed.

For day trading with gann system you can try our Gann Intraday Pivot. The product works with metatrader 4 trading platform on real time data for free from your broker. You can directly trade from your chart. Plus it has gann square master grid chart layout which gets drawn & auto-scaled on the chart.

Gannalyst Professional Free Download:

Gannalyst Professional 5

Original Site for the Gannalyst pro is now expired. Thus you will get the software only from small numbers of sites. So we thought to share the software publicly & our plan is to keep this great software alive forever. So that other people can use it in future. You can Download it from our Cloud. Gannalyst professional free download. There are lots of features in this software, you can find those in Tutorial PDF. A very useful feature it holds is “Training Mode”. In Training mode, you can select any dates & hide the next date & test your analytic skills.

Once you install the software, PDF version of the tutorial will be available with it. Just after installing the gannalyst software, from the menu click on Help, there you will find all tutorial pdf.

NOTE: We do not hold the right for this software. Hence we do not provide any support for this software.

How To Start Download?

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Gannalyst Pro Features:

Along other chart drawing features, it has a training mode feature which is very helpful for a trader to practice on past chart. Backtesting on market data. By turning on the training mode a trader can simulate market for certain time range & check their trade decision-making accuracy.

Showing Bitcoin (BTCUSD) Chart on Gannalyst:

In order to do so, you need to download the .csv file for bitcoin first. We have downloaded the .csv file from our Tickmill Forex Metatrader 4 Platform. You can download the software after opening a demo account here.

Next is after installing the metatrader, log in your details. Then from symbol list show Bitcoin (BTC/USD) at left of the market watch. After that click on the “Tools” from menu bar. From the tools option click on “History Center”. This will open the History Center for you, from where you neeed to first select the BTCUSD from instrument list, then select time frame & lastly click on the download button to start downloading.

bitcoin chart export

Once the download get completed, you can view all historical data. Click on the “Export” button to save this data as .csv file.
You need to save or put this file in the “Gannalyst” installation folder. Here is the path for windows 10.

This PC > Local Disk(C:) > Program Files(x86) > Gannalyst Professiona 50 > SampleData

If you do not have the permission to save, then save it on Desktop then copy it to the said location.

Gannalyst Configuring CSV Data:

Setting Up the Excel File

You need to configure CSV data file to draw the chart. It is a hectic process. Because metatrader date formats are like this “2018.01.11” which gannalyst doesn’t supports.
So you need to change it to “2018/01/11″ by removing the dots. You can do this with this formula.
Then you need to apply your excel skill to set up everything & finally save the CSV file.

Setting Up Gannalyst Chart:

Now, create a new portfolio and select the csv file from “Data File” tab section.

gannalyst CSV File loading
Just follow the step as shown on the screenshot. Next is to select data header. You will notice here we have added option after “date”. Becuase with metatrader csv file for hourly chart, there was one filed called “Time”. Hence we skiped it.

gannalyst select data field
Now select the right date format for time axis. Then click on “Test Data Read” to check if data are showing properly or not. If it is showing okay, then save the format.

gannalyst date format

Lastly, restart the software & click on the “BTCUSD60.csv” file from the data tab. Voila! you will see your chart is loading.

Gannalyst Swing Chart

Too Much Hard Work? Save Time.

Try WD Gann Intraday Pivot Metatrader Indicator:

Imagine, if you day trade you need to do all these steps everytime. You need to update your csv file per bar. As metatraders does not support this software live data fetch. But with our Gann Intraday Pivot Indicat,or you can trade othe n live chart, you do not need to do anything. It wll get automatically adjusted with the market price structure.

Gannalyst is a old software. If you want a modern indicator which works on a live chart with MetaTrader for any trading instrument(forex to stocks) then you can try our “Gann Intraday Pivot Indicator”.  Also, you can view gann intraday pivots daily for Forex from our online pivot tools.

View Metatrader WD Gann Indicator

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