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Foreign currency always gets quoted based on another currency. For example EURUSD, euro vs dollar. Here US Dollar is the quote currency & Euro is the base currency. EURUSD quotes 1.2500 means, for each 1 euro you will earn $1.25 dollar by converting from euro to dollar. For all currency pairs, 1st currency is the base currency & 2nd currency is the quote currency.
Forex base currency quote currency

In case of USDJPY, the base currency is US dollar (USD) & quote currency is Japanese Yen (JPY). If USDJPY gets quotes as 112.00 that means for every $1 you will earn 112.00 Yen. In currency pair quoting, USDJPY & USD/JPY are same. “/” (slash) here indicates “vs”.

Major Currency Pairs

EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, NZDUSD, USDCHF are known as major currency pairs. Major currency pairs are those currency pairs which get traded in high volume daily basis. As a reason, this currency pairs have high volatility & low spread (explained later). These currency pairs are very popular among majority traders.

Major Currency Pair
Full Name
Calculation Example
EURUSD Euro vs US Dollar Rate: 1.2520, 1 Euro = $1.2520
GBPUSD Pound vs US Dollar Rate: 1.3155, 1 Pound = $1.3155
USDJPY US Dollar vs Japanese Yen Rate: 112.50, 1 US Dollar = 112.50 Yen
USDCAD US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar Rate: 1.1037, 1 US Dollar = 1.1037 CAD
AUDUSD Australian dollar vs US dollar Rate: 0.7550, 1 AUD = 0.7550 USD
NZDUSD New Zealand Dollar vs US dollar Rate: 0.7210, 1 NZD = 0.7210 USD
USDCHF US dollar vs Swiss Franc Rate: 0.9850, 1 USD = 0.9850 CHF

Minor Currency Pairs or Cross Currency Pairs:

Minor currency pairs are those cross pairs which get traded less than the major currency pairs. Thus it has the higher spread than major currency pairs. Following are the minor cross pairs list.

Currency Pair
Full Name
Calculation Example
Euro Crosses EURCHF Euro vs Swiss Franc Rate: 1.1747, 1 EUR = 1.1747 CHF
EURGBP Euro vs Pound Rate: 0.8823, 1 EUR = 0.8823 GBP
EURCAD Euro vs Canadian Dollar Rate: 1.4878, 1 EUR = 1.4878 CAD
EURAUD Euro vs Australian Dollar Rate: 1.5271, 1 EUR = 1.5271 AUD
EURNZD Euro vs New Zealand Dollar Rate: 1.6674, 1 EUR = 1.6674 NZD
Pound Crosses GBPCHF Pound vs Swiss Franc Rate: 1.3314, 1 GBP = 1.3314 CHF
GBPAUD Pound vs Australian Dollar Rate: 1.7308, 1 GBP = 1.7308 AUD
GBPJPY Pound vs Japanese Yen Rate: 151.91, 1 GBP = 151.91 JPY
GBPCAD Pound vs Canadian Dollar Rate: 1.6862, 1 GBP = 1.6862 CAD
GBPNZD Pound vs New Zealand Dollar Rate: 1.8897, 1 GBP = 1.8897 NZD
Yen Crosses CHFJPY Swiss Franc vs Japanese Yen Rate: 114.10, 1 CHF = 114.10 JPY
CADJPY Canadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen Rate: 90.09, 1 CAD = 90.09 JPY
AUDJPY Australian Dollar vs Japanese Yen Rate: 87.77, 1 AUD = 87.77 JPY
NZDJPY New Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen Rate: 80.39, 1 NZD = 80.39 JPY
Other Crosses AUDCAD Australian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar Rate: 0.9742, 1 AUD = 0.9742 CAD
CADCHF Canadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc Rate: 0.7895, 1 CAD = 0.7895 CHF
AUDCHF Australian Dollar vs Swiss Franc Rate: 0.7692, 1 AUD = 0.7692 CHF
AUDNZD Australian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar Rate: 1.0918, 1 AUD = 1.0918 NZD
NZDCHF New Zealand Dollar vs Swiss Franc Rate: 0.7045, 1 NZD = 0.7045 CHF
NZDCAD New Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar Rate: 0.8937, 1 NZD = 0.8937 CAD

Exotic Currency Pairs:

Exotic currency pairs are made with major currencies from emerging countries. Countries who are developing to in business. Exotic pairs trading volume is very low.Thus it has the highest spread among all currency pairs. Followings are the top exotic currency pairs:

Exotic Currency Pair
Full Name
Calculation Example
USDSEK US Dollar vs Swedish Krona Rate: 8.22, 1 USD = 8.22 SEK
USDNOK US Dollar vs Norwegian Krone Rate: 8.10, 1 USD = 8.10 NOK
USDTRY US Dollar vs Turkish Lira Rate: 3.76, 1 USD = 3.76 TRY
USDDKK US Dollar vs Danish Krone Rate: 6.23, 1 USD = 6.23 DKK
USDZAR US Dollar vs South African Rand Rate: 12.34, 1 USD = 12.34 ZAR
USDHKD US Dollar vs Hong Kong Dollar Rate: 7.82, 1 USD = 7.82 HKD
USDSGD US Dollar vs Singapore Dollar Rate: 1.3354, 1 USD = 1.3354 SGD
USDTHB US Dollar vs Thailand Baht Rate: 32.20, 1 USD = 32.20 THB
USDMXN US Dollar vs Mexican Peso Rate: 19.22, 1 USD = 19.22 MXN

Forex 28 Major Currency Pairs List:

Currency Pair

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