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ATR average true range dashboard indicator

SFX ATR Dashboard

Metatrader Indicator


How it helps?

Viewing market volatility across multiple currencies or instruments is done at a glance.

A free forex volatility scanners.

Fully customizable on the chart.

It can work on all sizes of the screen, even to the largest.

Purchase includes

  • Access to the indicator

  • Auto software upgrade

  • Free web manual

  • Maximum activation for 5 devices

  • Life time technical support


Current Version :


Updated :

6th Sep 2019

Published :

24th Jun 2016

Operating System :

Windows 7/8/10


Timeframe :


Trading Style :


Traded on :


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Last updated on 30th Jan, 2022

ATR (Average True Range) is an Oscillator, part of the technical analysis which shows the volatility of the market. How many pips or points market movement per candlesticks or bar. Under a certain time, what is the average movement of the market. This indicator helps a lot to understand where a forex trader should place his or her stop loss. Also where to put the take profit of the trade. For a day trader daily ATR level can be very useful to gauge possible market movement.


If a trader bought EURUSD & planning to hold it for 1 hour. If from the ATR dashboard 60 minutes ATR shows 19, that indicates, the trader should averagely expect 19 pips profit out this trade under 60 minutes.

ATR Dashboard indicator metatrader

Using it only for one pair:

The indicator has an option where the trader can use it for the current chart only. A single option which saves time. See the picture the below for better understanding. Setting the below option true will show the ATR data for current chart.

atr for current chart

Multiple Timeframe:

Suppots all timeframe which metatrader has. You can select upto 4 timeframes one at time to display ATR value accross different forex pairs or instruments.

average true range atr dashboard settings


Indicator Manual


Multiple timeframe


Indicator atr data is not updating or not showing any correct data
Make sure you have added proper prefix & suffiix code. For example some broker symbol for EURUSD is m.EURUSD. Then at prefix you need to add “m.”

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