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Current Version : 1.18
Updated : 3rd June, 2019
Published : 30th Aug, 2016
Operating System : Windows 7/8/10

How to purchase

You can purchase or rent this indicator from mql5 site directly.

What it does?

It shows support & resistance levels, key timing for placing a high quality trade on intraday chart or for day trading.

What it does not?

It is not a standalone system, hence consulting with technical analysis is highly recommended.

Financial Astrology Metatrader Indicator

SFX Intraday Planetary Line Astro Pack Indicator

Introducing worlds first MetaTrader astrological indicator for financial astrology. Based on WD Gann astrological trading methods & customized with the modern market to meet the excellence.


All available indicator features, youtube video, basic specification.


Indicator manual, tutorial, how to use the indicator.


Indicator troubleshoot, frequently asked questions.

Top 12 features:

  • Astronomical Indicator

    with inbuild calculation

  • Planetary Aspects

    find key timing for day trading with alerm

  • Planetary Hora

    for hourly trades

  • Custom Coordinates

    for hourly trades

  • Price & Time Alert

    Email & push message alert

  • Planetary Lines

    with sign qualities

  • Aspect Price Levels

    Important support resistance levels

  • Average Planetary Lines

    Both Geocentric & Heliocentric

  • Custom Zodiac System

    Both Western & Vedic

  • Custom Scale

    Can be used for all trading instruments

Time Frame

Best suited for 5 minutes to 15 minutes chart.

Trading Style

Can be used for scalping to day trading.

Traded on

All types of trading instrument, including forex pairs, commodity market, metal & indices. You only need to adjust the scale.

Indicator Manual

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Manual Version : 1.12

(Last updated on 4th June, 2019)


Intraday Planetary Line indicator plots planetary lines without using any CSV file or any kind of data fetching from 3rd party software or the Internet!
It has inbuilt astronomical calculation being the first of its kind in the MQL Metatrader indicator history.

Main objective:

Indicator’s plots planetary support resistance lines for the trader to make trading decisions on specific market celestial timing.

Important! Traders are always requested to consult with market price action & other trend indicators in order verify this astrological signals.
Traders need to match technical analysis with celestial event.

Basic Astrological Terms:

The indicator allows traders to plot planetary lines based on two major coordinates & two major zodiac system.

  • Geocentric: (Commonly used) Considering Earth at the center.
  • Heliocentric: Consider the sun at the center. Does not counts the moon.
Zodiac System:
  • Tropical Zodiac: Western Zodiac (Commonly used)
  • Sidereal Zodiac: Ancient Vedic Zodiac

I am confused with all Coordinates & Zodiac System, what are they? how can I Implement?

The simple way to understand is, you can use any of these following 4 combinations settings as per your choice.

  • Geocentric & Tropical
  • Heliocentric & Tropical
  • Geocentric & Sidereal
  • Heliocentric & Sidereal

Scale section:

Scaling means how many pips or points per degree. It is the most important part of the indicator. By default, it set to 1. That means 1 degree = 0.01 cent or 1 pips.

But it is customizable as per trader choice. Minimum scale is 0.01 which means 1 degree = 0.01 pip

A basic Example from product description for all types of instruments:
  • Scale Input 1.00 means 1 Degree = 0.01 Cent or 1 Pip
  • Scale Input 10.00 means 1 Degree = 0.10 Cent or 10 Pips
  • Scale Input 100.00 means 1 Degree = $1 or 100 Pips
  • Scale Input 1000.00 means 1 Degree = $10 or 1000 Pips
Important note! This is an example for the trader to understand how to measure the scale. It does not mean that you can only use 1.00, 10.00,100.00 scale. You can use anything from 0.01 scale. You can use any custom scale like 0.56 then 1 degree = 0.56 pip or 4.50 which means 1 degree = 4.5 pips.
Commonly used scales:
  • Forex, Silver  = 1.00
  • Gold = 10.00 (For short term trades because it’s  0.10 cent per Degree ) 100.00 (For long term trades because it’s $1 per degree)
  • Indices or Index = 100.00 to 1000.00 (if its quoting above $30,000 then its better to use $10 per degree scale.
  • WTI  =1.00 for short terms trades  10.00 for long-term trades (currently @49.35)
Important Note! These are just some example given to the user to understand how it works. But we are not making any trading recommendation here. The user can use any kind of scale as per their choice, trading strategy & price movement. If an instrument trading @5700.25 then, the user can either use 10.00 Scale ($0.10 per degree) or 100.00 ($1 per degree) that totally depends on the trader him/herself. A trader can also use $10 per degree. But in such cases, he/she will barely get a signal to trade.

See the example below:
Hong Kong 50 Stock Index (HK50): @29983.90

Financial Astrology Hong Kong 50 Stock Exchange Scale

Hong kong 50 indice scale

See here we used 1000.00 scale which means $10 per degree as it is active indices, trading above 29K value. So $10 shown some rare signal with North Node Support Line. See market formed a double top around it.

A brief introduction to Space-time theory (basics):

Just like the moon tides happens, water moves one place to another with the force of the moon. Same way planets have an effect on the financial market as it has the liquidity similar nature like water. The market is also vast like a sea.

Everything with this indicator works with both price & time together. Means market has to reach the right price level at the right time, then we get space = price & time balanced. If it does not then, it is not a “class I” trade signal. Wait for other signals.

Multi currency or instrument day trading analogy:

Suppose you are observing 5 pairs like “EURUSD”,”GBPUSD”,”USDCAD”,”AUDUSD”,”GBPJPY”. There is an event of “Jupiter opposition Moon” around 13:30 terminal time. You will plot Jupiter opposition or Moon opposition (anyone both is the same ) price line on all 5 charts. It is possible not all the pairs will reach that price level at that time. Say only GBPJPY reached opposition price level at 13:30 around time. Then you deal only will be with GBPJPY.

At that point, GBPJPY can do only any 3 things,

  • Reverse its position. (Say it was falling down, then created a pin bar on that level & climbed up)
  • Continue old trend (in this case, continue falling more by breaking that opposition price level)
  • or do nothing ( no such price action or trendy movement around that level. When the market is in a range & no clear sign to move up or down, no good news release either)

What will happen that depends on market structure. The trader just needs to follow the market movement as the way it comes with price & time.

Example 1:

EURUSD Sun & Mars Aspect

EURUSD Sun and Mars aspect

EURUSD Sun and Mars aspect

There was two aspects of the day, Sun opposition & Mars sextile. Among Sun was the strongest one. But with EURUSD market was not reaching to “Sun opposition” aspect line instead it reached “Mars sextile” aspect line. EURUSD created intraday top around these levels, also the day low.

There are so many lines plotting on my chart with default settings. How to get rid of this, I am confused?

You do not need to use all the lines on the chart because we are going to use only the active planets lines not the rest of them. You only need to focus on following planets:

  • Moon aspect planets (Primary Factor)
  • Other aspects planets (Shows in the text dashboard top left) (Primary factor)
  • Day ruler (Primary factor)
  • Individual trading instrument ruler (Secondary minor factor)
Show/Hide all basic Planetary lines or show any selected custom planetary lines:

Custom Planetary Line Selection

In order to hide all planetary lines, select “Show all planets” to false. Then if you need to show only any selected planetary line. For example only the sun. Then after changing “Show all Planets” to false. Select “Show Sun Line” to True.

What is Aspect Time & Aspect Price?

Aspect means a celestial event in Astronomy & geometric pattern formation between two or more planets. In this indicator you can plot and view aspect timing & price line between 2 planets.

Indicator considers 5 Major geometric aspects along with one minor aspect & moon ingress (when moon changing its sign):

  • Conjunction = Both planets are at same level (Super Strong)
  • Opposition= Both planets are 180 degrees apart (Strongest)
  • Trine = Both Planets are 120 degrees apart ( stronger)
  • Square = Both Planets are 90 degrees apart ( strong )
  • Sextile = Both planets are 60 degrees apart (weak)
  • Sem- Square = Both planets are 45 Degrees apart (minor)

All these aspects as a time for the event which is the aspect time & also a price location of the event.

Important Note! Traders need to only check if the market is reacting to that celestial event accordingly or not. With some market it will work, with some market it will not create any effect.

Indicator plots aspects for all major planets. The indicator also plots planetary lines for lunar south node & north node. Major planets aspects are more powerful than moon aspects with other planets.

Planetary Aspect Price Line Settings:

Indicator basically plots Moon aspects price line with other planets. With the “Example 1”, we those two aspects was with the moon.

  • Moon Sextile Mars
  • Moon Opposition Sun

An aspect always forms with two planets. Hence you can plot aspect line with any of these planets, for example, with the “Moon Sextile Mars” aspect, you can plot the aspect line either with “Mars Sextile” or with “Moon Sextile”. Both will be plotting at the same price area. If it does, then indicates the indicator is working properly. (it can defer slightly with few pips)

Best is always plot the other planet than the moon then it will be easier for you to track. Cause moon can only create one aspect per planet.

Find your best forex day trading deal with WD Gann astrology. Know your support & resistance price level in advance. Learn when to exit from your trade, market turn timing.

Example 2:

USDCAD Pluto square effect
USDCAD forex financial astrology metatrader chart pluto square effect

USDCAD Pluto square effect

In technical analysis, support and resistance are those lines where the market creates tops & bottoms. Sometimes the market breaks the support and resistance lines & creates new higher highs & new lower lows. Supports are usually the levels where the market creates buttons & resistance are usually the levels where the market creates tops, day high.

Calculation of support & resistance level can be done with different methods. In this case, we use planetary longitude and convert it into price level based with WD Gann methods. It has proven to be the most accurate and active levels for this reason WD Gann used to call it as “Active Degrees”.

Trading with these levels is the same as trading with any other types of trade levels. The only twist is the next part, aspect timing.

Astronomical Aspect Timing:

These are the timing when two planets in the space create a geometric shape or patterns. This shapes it forms with certain geometrical angles of their coordinate degrees. Those times are very important for market trend change or any important movement. This astronomical event does not occur all the time especially the strongest one. But when it occurs it creates a strong movement in the market.
Learn more about it from the indicator manual section.

On the chart, it plots moon aspects, which are very useful for intraday or day trading.

Example 3:

GBPJPY 5 minute chart
Financial Astrology GBPJPY Forex Metatrader Chart

GBPJPY 5 minute chart

Does the Aspect Time & Aspect Price always need to be matching?

If it matches that its the best case scenario, but it does not, then we can look for a movement with other planetary aspect timing. Below we will show both examples.

When aspect price & aspect time matches with the market:

Example 4:

XAUUSD 5 minute chart Mars effect

Gold Financial Astrology trading

XAUUSD (Gold) Mars aspect effect

In this example above, we used GOLD scale of 10, i.e $0.10 per degree. Gold was trading @$1298. There was two aspect with Mars & Sun like the “Example 1” before. So we have plotted only following lines:

  • Mars sextile aspect line
  • Sun oppostion aspect line
  • Venus line (because it was showing on the text dasboard
  • Mars line
  • Sun line

Among these lines, GOLD only reacted around Mars sextile aspect line, Sun & Mars line. During the “Mars Sextile Aspect” time, Gold eventually touching “Mars Sextile Price line” too. So it was like at the perfect price & at the perfect time. Price time matches exactly. The market moved up straight with full force up to the mars line, which is the target. The target could be the mars line or the next mars sextile aspect line. You need to use a little bit of technical analysis here by observing the price action, Japanese candlestick formation.

During the Sun opposition timing market failed to reach “Sun opposition aspect price line”. But it reached Sunline itself. So it is also valid. See market fallen after that but didn’t reached to any sun opposition aspect line target. But creating a lower low. Again here your technical analysis requires for best judgment.

The indicator does not shows all Active Aspect vertical (time) lines on the chart. why is that?

Indicator plots vertical timelines only for all moon aspects. Because those are short term, does not last long.

For bigger planets, aspects say, Sun Trine Jupiter that last for more than whole day or 24 hours. It stays active for the whole day. That’s why the indicator does not show any vertical timeline for it. As it is active for the full day you can use directly its aspect price lines.

Note on Conjunction Aspect Price line plotting: As conjunction means both planets standing to the same degree. We do not need to plot the conjunction aspect price line on the chart. Cause if there is an aspect of Moon Conjunction with Sun. Then you will see on the chart moon & sun lines are standing in the same position. So no need to draw a separate aspect price line. That’s why the aspect price line drawing option also does not have the “conjunction” option listed.

If aspect price line used properly you will find sweet points for entry & exit of your trades. With this indicator, you can plot two planetary aspects one at a time. You can also choose which aspect line to plot. (Sextile, Square, Semi-Square, Trine & Opposition).

In this picture example, there was two moon aspect with mars & sun, so we plotted “Mars Sextile Line” & “Sun Opposition Line”. See how market day high & day low formed at those levels. A movement of 117 pips with GBPUSD.

GBPUSD Financial Astrology metatrader indicator aspect price line

Day Ruling Planet

It is based on Lunar Mansion (Nakshaktra’s)  & it changes time to time throughout the day. This is a secondary factor for traders to make a trading decision. For example, if in a day during London Session, you saw day ruling planet is Jupiter. Then its worth to add Jupiter line on the chart, to see if any market touching its level or not. How the market is reacting to it.

Example 6

USDCAD Venus support line
USDCAD Venus line Financial astrology

USDCAD Venus support line

In example 3 above, day ruling planet was Venus. But only in case of USDCAD market did touch Venus level. For other currency pairs, it did not.

Adding multiple aspect lines:

With the newest version, you can plot 2 aspect lines simultaneously.

Example 7

Showing all planetary lines

Multiple aspect price line settings

Showing all planetary lines

With this setting screenshot above you can use 2 aspect lines.

What if happens If I need more aspect lines? If in case there are some days with more aspects?

You can add more than two indicators on the same chart in case if you need 4 aspect lines. Just use two different indicator custom name. Then you can use 4 aspect line on the same chart.

Adding multiple indicator on the same chart:

You can add the same indicator multiple times on the same chart for the advanced level of analysis. Indicator input field has an option to use a custom indicator name. if you want to add two indicators on the same chart, use two different custom names for the two indicators. Just change the text dashboard x, y-axis in order to avoid overlapping textbox or you can hide one textbox as per your choice. Cause adding two indicators on the same chart will plot two text dashboard on the chart.

x-axis y-axis position of text dashboard

X axis y axis position of text dashboard

Also, you need to use a different “Custom Indicator Name” for adding multiple indicators on the same chart.

Custom Indicator name settings

Suppose there are 3 aspects with Sun Trine, Mars Sextile & Saturn Opposition. With Aspect Price Line settings you can plot up to 2 planets aspect price line. You need one more extra. So add another indicator on the same chart with different Custom Indicator Name & show the 3rd aspect price line on the chart, headache free.

Moon ingress effect:

Moon ingress means when the moon changes its astrological zodiac signs. It can be considered as a minor long-term market movement area. Moon usually stays in a zodiac sign for 2-2.5 days. So if any trend change happens it will last only up to next ingress or next major planetary aspects. If moon ingress says weak, then after 3 hours later there is any strong aspect coming up, then Moon ingress week trend will only be valid until that time.
The indicator shows moon ingress trend signal in 3 following ways:

  • Trend reversal
  • Trend continuation
  • Weak, no signal

This is not a standalone system. Hence you need to consult with technical analysis along with it. Trend reversal means if it was in an uptrend then now it might get into a downtrend.

Planetary sign:

This is one of an interesting features with this indicator. It shows 3 types of data:

  • If either any planet is in
    • Strong sign
    • Strongest sign
    • Weak sign
    • Weakest sign
  • If either any planet is in
    • Fixed sign
    • Cardinal sign
    • Mutable sign
  • If either any planet is in
    • Positive sign
    • Negative sign
How this information is relevent in trading?

Generally WD Gann has used this information in his astrological trading. Here we have implmended it. If a planet is in fixed sign with -ve that means when market moved below that planetary line is indicates more lower price movement.

Cardinal sign represents change, mutable signs are neutral. When a planet is in the weakest sign, that indicates, planet strength is weaker now. So not much important support or resistance around it, basic logic!

Example 3: GBPUSD

planetary sign

With the picture above you can see, its 5 minutes GBPUSD chart. The chart contains moon & north node line which market touched during the Asian session, the start of the day. Both were in fixed positive sign. When the market went above the moon line it was all bullish. Then later after “Moon Square Sun” aspect market touched the sun line & reverse. Sun line was fixed negative and mars line was fixed positive. If the market stayed above the sun line then it would be more bullish. But market created reversing candlestick pattern and fallen below both lines. So up there was two negative and below two positive markets stayed inside them for the whole day.

Example 4: USDCHF

usdchf planetary line sign attributes

Now showing a chart of USDCHF on the same day. Here you will see on the venus -ve fixed support line market has created two double bottoms then moved up. Neptune was in strongest sign but mutable -ve. Mutable signs are basically neutral, hence it is not much good use for us. As you can market also did not create any sharp effect around that particular line.

WD Gann Average Planetary Lines:

This is one of a major part of this indicator, based on WD Gann Astrological Trading methods, you can plot 5 major planets average lines & 8 major planets average lines. Sometimes it works as a good support & resistance levels. 5 Major planets include all major planets like Mars, Mercury, Sun except Uranus, Neptune. 8 Major planets include Uranus, Neptune & Saturn.

Example 5 : GBPJPY

average planetary line wd gann

With the picture above, we have only plotted average planetary lines & market created a top around “average of 8” planetary lines. The market rarely touches these levels, when it does, it creates a long-term effect. In the example above, after that, GBPJPY has fallen 285 pips in next 3 trading days. Hence trader can do long-term position trading with it.

Effective Planet for Individual Instrument or Currency Pairs:

In the text dashboard, you will notice before the “Day Trend”, it showing a planet name. It indicates for that day for that specific trading instrument which planet can be effective. This is a secondary factor to consider. Sometimes it creates an effect for that instrument sometimes it does not.

NFP (Noon Firm Payroll News Release) Effect With The Indicator:

Example 7: GBPJPY NFP

With the example below, we have plotted only “Uranus Trine Aspect Price Line”, Moon Line for “Moon Ingress” & Sun Line. See market exactly during Uranus Trine Aspect Time touches Uranus Trine Aspect Price Line & moved up 90 pips with NFP. Later, there was Moon Ingress showing Trend Reversal, hence closing current buy trade is a good option. Cause after that market was correcting the last uptrend.

Non Firm payroll forex news release trading GBPJPY

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Using Multiple Time Frame Analysis for Profit Target:

Multiple Time Frame Analysis can be helpful in case of deciding profit factors. A simple example to understand it as follows:

  • Suppose there is a mars resistance, which is also a monthly old top, then if technical analysis says yes sell now, you can sell for 50-100 pips profit target depending on the currency volatility.
  • If that mars resistance is last day top, then you can go for 20-50 pips profit target.
  • If that mars resistance is an intraday top, then go for 5-10 pips scalping profit target.

You need to have a technical analysis supporting your profit target decision. You can also try next planetary line or planetary aspect line for your profit target. Make sure you have enough time left before the day or sessional closing for the market to reach your target.

If you trade intraday, then your trade should get closed before the day ends. If before the day ends your target still have not reached, then you might want to close the trade.

Planetary Hora:

According to the Vedic astrology, each hour is ruled by a planet. This way 24 hours get ruled by 7 major planets like Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter & Saturn. With Vedic Astrology, it does not count Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.

Note! This is the secondary part of this indicator.  It does not work as a standalone system; rather trader can match up their trading decision with it.
Example 8: NZDUSD

In order to plot hora lines with selected choice, you need to make “Show hora” to True. Then manually select which planetary hora you like to plot on the chart. Planetary Hora / Hours based on western & Vedic astrology which assigns a planet for each hour. Each hour has a planetary ruler among 7 major planets, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn.

In this indicator, planetary hora gets plotted with the start of the trading day. But with custom timing settings, you can choose any time, even for any trading session. Hora’s are basically gets started from sunrise time. So you can do that too, according to your choice.

On all days, not all planetary hora lines are effective for different trading instruments or currency pairs. Hence you need to use your best judgment to decide that. If the day ruler is Jupiter & for that selected trading instrument ruler is Moon, plus there is also a mars aspect coming up. Then you need to use Jupiter, Moon & Mars hora on your chart to observe market movement.

Planetary hours or hora selection

In the example below with slow-moving forex currency pair NZDUSD, we have plotted only following lines:
Mars Lines, Mercury Line, Mars Trine Price Line, Mercury Trine Price Line, Sun line, Pluto Line.
From hora we have plotted only Mars, Sun, & Mercury hora.

Planetary Hours NZDUSD forex Planetary hora

See market during Mars Hora & Sun hora touched mars line, then fallen down. Among the full day market movement, that timing was the only time when the market moved smoothly.

As this is a secondary factor you need to match it with other planetary lines.

As we have mentioned before, planetary hora is basically get calculated from the sun rise time. In case of 24 hours forex market, it is pretty difficult to implement. But you can use different forex market hours or trading session with custom timing option to plot planetary hora with your preferable timing. How to add custom timing in the indicator explained in later section.

Heliocentric Coordinates:

With Heliocentric coordinate, you will not find any moon aspect plotting on your chart neither any day ruling planet because in heliocentric coordinates we do not consider moon in the calculation.

Example 9: GBPUSD Heliocentric

Here we have plotted Heliocentric coordinates on the chart. We also did not plot any aspect price lines. But you will notice that 3 aspects throughout the day with Mars, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter & Pluto. The market did touch those levels & formed doubled top around Neptune line. Day low near to Venus & Jupiter line. Heliocentric Coordinates gives much clear chart than Geocentric Coordinates.

GBPUSD forex heliocentric coordinates

How to Use Custom Timing for non-FX instruments:

For using the Non-FX instrument, from Market Watch Window, right click on the instrument & from right click menu click on Specification. To get Instrument Start hour & End hour.

Custom Timing

Input these data on indicator custom time settings:

Custom time settings input

This will plot the hora timing, planetary line & aspect timing correctly for non-fx instruments like Gold, Silver, WTI, indices, etc.

Price alerts:

Get mobile price alert of planetary lines, aspect line. No need to stare at the screen all the time. Every time market touches any of the astrological levels on the chart, you will receive mobile push notification alert, MetaTrader terminal alert & email alert. A handy feature for busy traders.

You can get price alert for all planetary lines or aspect lines which are plotted on the chart. There are 3 types of price alerts:

  • Terminal Basic Alert
  • Email Alert
  • Push Message Alert

Financial Astrology EURUSD price alert

Price alert

Indicator sends alerts for all the planetary lines and planetary aspect price line, average planetary line plotted on the chart only. That means if you have 3 planetary lines plotted on your chart, you will only get alert for those 3 lines only.


  • Demo version installed, after renting product not working on MetaTrader

    Please remove the indicator & restart the MetaTrader platform, then reinstall the indicator to make it work. If it still does not work. Then open a ticket at the MetaQuotes support center.

  • Indicator Aspect lines are showing but no text showing up except tooltip.

    Simply Right click on your chart -> From the right click menu click on “Properties” (or you can just press F8)- > Then from the “Common” Tab – > Tick The “show object description”. 

    Metatrader show object indicator

  • Can I buy this software / indicator?

    Yes, you can rent this software per month basis. This indicator is available on monthly, 3 months or 6 months subscription only. You can rent it directly from Metatrader Market Place.

  • What is Maximum Activation means?

    It means maximum for how many devices you can use this indicator under your current license. If maximum activation is 9, that means if you rent it for one month, under that license you can use this indicator on 9 devices maximum.

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