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How it helps?

First MetaTrader astronomical indicator with NASA level accuracy.

Placing trade at key astronomical times is a piece of cake with an alert system.

Simple display for those traders who never heard financial astrology.

Covers all astrological functions with easy visual setup.

Last Updated: 26th Jan 2022

Current Version: 1.22

TimeFrame: 1 to 5 minutes

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Coordinates & zodiac setup has 4 options.

  1. Heliocentric Tropical (Western)
  2. Heliocentric Sidereal (Vedic)
  3. Geocentric Tropical (Western)
  4. Geocentric Sidereal (Vedic)

Heliocentric means where sun is at center. Geocentric means where Earth is at center. Tropical is western zodiac method & sidereal is Vedic zodiac method followed by Indians.

You can choose any thing you like, but know this, with heliocentric coordinates there will not be any moon. Therefore, there will not be any moon aspect timing showing up on chart, neither any DR planet (Day ruling planet)


Is the most important part of the user input. Here scale means, how many degree per dollar or metatrader base currency. For example, if scale is 1 that means, in case of forex, its 1 pip per degree. If scale is 1000, that means $10 per degree. If you use scale of 50 that means 0.50 cent per degree. Minimum scale value is 0.01. Below is table showing a basic scale segmentation of different trading instruments.

Instruments Quote Scale
Forex 1.1035 or 120.95 1.00
WTI 3.20 10.00
GOLD (XAU/USD) 1675 100.00
DJI(Dow Jones) 28,017.99 1000.00 or 500.00


What scale you will use that totally depends upon you based on your experience.


It covers all planets including the lunar nodes. Also the average of 5 & average 8 planets which was recommended by WD Gann in his trading. Each planet are useful but bigger planets like Saturn, Jupiter, plays a vital role. In basic planetary lines with all planets if you keep “Show object name” option enabled in metatrader chart option. Then you will be able to view the name of each planetary lines.


Larger celestial body matters! High volume large planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune aspects have bigger effects on overall markets.

Planet Market
Jupiter Gold, Forex
Saturn Metal Market, Crude Oil
Mercury Telecommunication, Media


It covers both aspect price & aspect timing. In aspect-time it only plots moon aspects with other planets. Aspects are showing in degrees. Geometric position between two planets. Among all aspects, 0 deg. 180 degrees is being the most powerful aspects. You will notice during this time lots of market movements are happening.

Aspect price are related with aspect timing. You need to plot related aspect price line with same aspect times. For example, if there is a mars aspect of 60 degrees. Then you will look at mars 60-degree aspect price line. It is explained clearly next strategy section.

0 deg Highly powerful
180 deg Powerful
120 deg Powerful
90 deg Powerful
60 deg Weak
45 deg Weak

Moon Ingress

When moon changes its zodiac sign, that is also important, because it effects the market trend wise. Therefore with moon ingress you can find 3 types of trend signals. Just hover the mouse over the moon ingress line on the chart to view the trend signal info.

  1. Trend continuation
  2. Trend reversal
  3. Weak or no signal


Moon ingress trend signal sometimes works accurately on certain instruments or on different forex currency pairs. Just confirm it with technical analysis & obviously market confirms itself, whether its likes to follow the moon signal or not.

Custom Timing

Custom timing option is useful for non FX instruments like stocks, indices, commodities, CFDs.
From Market Watch Window, right click on the instrument & from right click menu click on Specification. To get Instrument Start hour & End hour.

getting symbol specification metatrader 4

Financial astrology

Now input these data on indicator custom time settings:

Custom time settings input

The strategy:

DR planet is your key!

If DR planet is “Saturn” then look for Saturn aspects for that day. If there is a Saturn aspect of 120 degrees. Then remove all other planets from the chart & simply plot only the 120 deg of Saturn aspect price line.

This is your chart set up.

Next, you need to apply this setup on different currency pairs or instrument (with adjusted scales). See if market is reacting on Saturn lines or not. How market effecting during other aspect time near to the Saturn line.

That its ! Got a sweet spot with supportive signal from other technical indicators. Place a trade accordingly. For target you can next Saturn line.


euro dollar eurusd analysis

EURUSD 5 minutes chart

With the example above, First we saw there were 4 aspects:

  1. Mars 120 deg
  2. Jupiter 60 deg
  3. Mercury 90 deg
  4. Moon Ingress

DR planet was "Jupiter". Therefore we kept Moon, Mercury, Jupiter & Mars line on & rest off. Among all aspects, we choose Mars 120 deg, Mercury 90 deg & drawn their planetary aspect lines. We omitted "Jupiter 60 deg" because we have plotted the Jupiter line already, plus 60 degrees have less power than other degrees. We have plotted the moon line for moon ingress. So this was our setup & we can notice market created top around Moon line & bottom around Jupiter line.


WTI crude oil technical analysis financial astrology
With the above WTI crude oil example, we have used Geocentric coordiate with western zodiac. We saw there was only 2 majors aspects.

  1. Jupiter 90 deg
  2. Moon Ingress (reversal)

Therefore we will only plot Jupiter line, Jupiter 90 deg aspect line & moon line. We after then moon ingress which was indicating reversal line, market did reverse by touching the Jupiter 90 deg aspect line and tries to touch the Moon line before market close. Interesting isn't?


This strategy does not work with Heliocentric coordinate setup. Because in heliocentric set up there is no Moon, so no moon intraday aspects.

With heliocentric coordinates:

It is the cleanest method. Only plot heliocentric planets on chart. Then apply this set up on different instruments or currency pairs & see how it works as support & resistance level.


financial astrology heliocentric

With the above example, we have plotted Heliocentric coordinate with western zodiac rules & we can see, Sun & Moon is automatically disabled. Therefore moon aspects are all blank.

But GBPUSD has reacted on other planets like Jupiter line & average planetary line sharply. So it is possible to treat these lines as support, resistance levels & place trade when price action confirms. (Candlesticks, other trend indicators, oscillators)


US500 index financial astrology

Above example on US500 FTSE index with Heliocentric (Western) setup, scale $1.00 per degree (10.00). See US500 formed a top around average of 8 planets resistance line.

Alert system:

A handy tool to save your time. It has two options one with price alert one with aspect time alert.

If you set up price alert, then it will give you alert for all the price line currently drawn the chart, which get touched by the market or when market goes near to it.

Time alert gives aspect time alert few minutes before its occurrence.

You can get metatrader terminal alert, mobile push message alert with your android or IOs devices & also the email alert.

Financial Astrology EURUSD price alert


First you need to set up the chart according the astronomical position of the planets then apply that chart set up on different instruments and see which one is reacting most. If you try the same set up on Gold, EURUSD, GBPJPY and you saw EURUSD is reacting more clearly with your current set up then you need to focus on EURUSD and leave the rest.

Please confirm your entry with price action & technical analysis. You need to match up technical analysis with financial astrology. Once you do that, you will find extraorinarty results.

In short we can rewrite the steps of using this indicator as following:

  • Set up chart

    Set up the chart with proper scale, (custom timing if required) for at least 5-6 instruments according to your choice.

  • Plot lines

    If you choose Geocentric coordinates, then disable all lines & choose only DR planet line, aspect lines. For Heliocentric keep the chart as it is.

  • Find best instruments

    Now among those 5-6 instruments or forex currency pairs, find which one shows accurate reactions.

  • Place trade

    Confirm your entry and exit with technical analysis & price action.

Voila! you are done finding your best trade for the day.

From indicator input settings make "show object description" to true.

CLICK HERE for all general indicator related FAQ

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