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Current Version : 1.04
Updated : 13th June, 2019
Published : 26th April, 2019
Operating System : Windows 7/8/10

How to purchase

You can purchase or rent this indicator from mql5 site directly.

What it does?

It shows bullish or bearish signal of different indicators.

What it does not?

It is not a standalone system, hence consulting with other technical analysis is highly recommended.

IQ Trend Master Dashboard

Multi Time Frame Analysis

Indicators scan multiple instruments or multiple currencies trend signal for 3 time frames one at a time! The best tool out now, for multiple time frame analysis.


All available indicator features, youtube video, basic specification.


Indicator manual, tutorial, how to use the indicator.


Indicator troubleshoot, frequently asked questions.

Top 7 features:

  • Multiple Instrument Simultaniously

    check trend at a glance for all.

  • Auto Adjusted Dashboard

    based on user input and indicator choice.

  • 15 Trend Indicators

    along with oscillators

  • Add Multiple Dashboard

    on same chart

  • Multiple Timeframe Analysis

    shows trend signal data for 3 time frames one at time.

  • Fully Customizable

    option to change each idicator input settings, overall appearance.

Time Frame

Any time frame metatrader supports.

Trading Style

Anything from scalping to position trading

Traded on

All types of trading instrument, including forex pairs, commodity market, metal & indices.

Indicator Manual

Manual Version: 1.00 (updated 26th April, 2019)


Indicator List

Indicator Signals
  1. ADX
  2. Bollinger Band
  3. Envelope
  4. Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
  5. Moving Average
  6. Parabolic SAR
Oscillator Signals
  1. Average True Range (ATR)
  2. Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
  3. Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  4. MACD (Moving Average Divergence Convergence
  5. Momentum
  6. Stochastic Oscillator
  7. RSI Divergence
Bill William Indicators
  1. Alligator
  2. Fractals

Single Chart Data:

For easy usage, you can use “show data for current chart only” option, setting this option “true” will allow you to view trend, oscillator data for the current chart only.
master trend dashboard data for current chart

Showing trend signal for current chart only

ATR (Average True Range)

Average true range shows the average price movement per bar or candlestick for any selected time frame in pips or points.
trend master average true range atr dashboard indicator metatrader

Trend Master ATR Dashboard

ADX (Average Directional Movement Index)

ADX shows the Bullish/Bearish Strength of instruments or currency pairs. It shows the following signals:

  • ADX Weak Bullish
  • ADX Weak Bearish
  • ADX Bullish
  • ADX Bearish
  • ADX Strong Bullish
  • ADX Strong Bearish
Average Directional Movement Index ADX strength

Showing ADX signal


Alligator is indicator designed by Bill Williams. Which is more similar to triple exponential moving average. It consists of three lines representing the alligator’s jaw, teeth & lips.

  • Price inside alligator
  • Price above alligator
  • Price below alligator
Bill Williams alligator

Showing bill williams alligator signal

Bollinger Band:

This indicator gets designed by John Bollinger back in 1980. It shows the volatility over time of financial instruments. It gets constructed by two moving averages with standard deviation & a middle line.

  • Bollinger band bullish
  • Bollinger band bearish
  • Bollinger band bullish breakout
  • Bollinger band brearish breakout
bollinger bands trend dashboard

Bollinger band trend dashboard

Parabolic SAR:

Parabolic SAR stands for Stop & Reverse which is developed by Welles Wilder, an American mechanical engineer. This indicator is very useful for sharp entry & exits. Mostly used to decide stop loss area base with price momentum.

  • Below SAR Bearish
  • Above SAR Bullish
parabolic SAR indicator trend dashboard

Parabolic SAR trend dashboard

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo:

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo commonly knows as “Ichimoku” & “Ichimoku Cloud” is a Japanese leading trend indicator. It had 5 different parts which get used in technical analysis for setting up a trade like Tenkan sen, Kijun sen, Senkou span A, Senkou span B, Chickou span. Span A & Span B basically forms the Ichimoku Cloud.

  • Price above Ichimoku Cloud
  • Price below Ichimoku Cloud
  • Price inside Ichimoku Cloud
  • Price above Tenkan Sen
  • Price below Tenkan Sen
  • Price above Kijun Sen
  • Price below Kijun Sen
Ichimoku kinko hyo trend dashboard

Ichimoku kinko hyo trend dashboard

MACD ( Moving Average Convergence Divergence):

MACD is a commonly used oscillator which consists of three types of trading ways, crossover, overbought/oversold conditions & divergence.

  • MACD bullish
  • MACD bearish
  • MACD below signal line
  • MACD above signal line
MACD trend dashboard

Moving average convergence divergence (MACD)

RSI (Relative Strength Index)

RSI is another type of commonly used oscillator which shows value ranging from 0 to 100. RSi mostly get used for divergence & overbought/oversold conditions.

  • RSI overbought
  • RSI oversold
Relative strength index RSI

Relative strength index RSI

This indicator has an option to show RSI value instead of overbought / oversold conditions. You can find this option in indicator RSI settings area:

Here is how it looks like,
RSI value

Show RSI value


Momentum indicator counts the how much price has changed under a certain period of time. Basically a good way to understand market volatility. It is a leading oscilator to follow trend.

  • Price changes above 100%
  • Price changes below 100%
momentum indicator metatrader

Momentum Dashboard

Stochastic Oscillator

This oscillator measure if closed price is analogous to its price range for a certain time period. It consist of two lines %K which is the main line & second line called %D. It also gives overbought oversold signals like RSI.

  • Stochastic overbought
  • Stochastic oversold
Stochastic Oscillator metatrader

Stochastic oscillator metatrader


Envelopes made with two moving averages which get visualized as price channel. When price is inside the range indicating normal market condition. If price goes outside the range indicating volatility in market.

  • Price inside envelope
  • Price outside envelope
envelopes metatrader

Showing envelopes breakouts


This is the part of the Bill William indicator, calculated based on price action.

  • Showing Fractal Up
  • Showing Fractal Down
fractal metatrader indicator

Fractal signal metatrader

Moving Averages

Commonly used lagging trend indicator. It is basically a statiscial calculation of price average for a certain time period. Here this indicator shows crossover alert. If candle or bar get closes above any faster & slower moving average crossing point. It gives MA bullish cross alert. Viceversa for MA bearish cross.

  • MA bullish cross
  • MA bearish cross
moving average cross over

Moving average cross over

CCI (Commodity Channel Index)

Calculation of this indicator is based on average price with the variation of price with an index point. It get represeted with in range of 0-100 with both +ve & -ve side.
Here, red represents CCI value in negative & blue represent CCI value between 0 to 100. Lastly, Green represent CCI value above 100.

  • Above 100  Positive (Green)
  • In between 0 to 100 Positive (Blue)
  • Below 0 Negative Value (Red)
commodity channel index metatrader

Commodity channel index metatrader

RSI Divergence:

Advance level of technical analysis, RSI divergence is leading trend indicator. Signals does get formed so easily. Specially the hidden one. It as two parts, hidden divergence & classic divergence. When hidden divergence occours, it indicates a change in trend. On the other hand classic divergence represents continuation of trend.

  • RSI classic bullish divergence
  • RSI classic bearish divergence
  • RSI hidden bullish divergence
  • RSI hidden bearish divergence
RSI divergence

RSI divergence signal dashboard


  • Demo version installed, after renting product not working on MetaTrader

    Please remove the indicator & restart the MetaTrader platform, then reinstall the indicator to make it work. If it still doest work. Then open a ticket at the MetaQuotes support center.

  • What is Maximum Activation means?

    It means maximum for how many devices you can use this indicator under your current license. If maximum activation is 8, that means if you rent it for one month, under that license you can use this indicator on 8 devices maximum.

  • How to backtest?

    You can refer to our indicator video for more detail & visual guide. You can test this indicator with metatrader strategy tester.

    First, open your broker MetaTrader software, then press control + R to open the strategy tester. In strategy tester only important thing you need to remember, that MetaTrader allows backtesting using one instrument or currency pair one at a time. For this reason, in indicator settings, you need to remove all forex currency pairs & then add only one. The one which you will use for backtesting.

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